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I’m Featured On Huffington Post!!

I’m Featured On Huffington Post!!

Thanks so much to Rachel Travels & HuffPost!!

I am honored to be featured in this article. I started a long time ago, when there was no social media… just YouTube and forums. Even though my focus has shifted over the years (yay to growth), I am thankful to still be in the conversation and collaborate with brands!! This journey has been amazing- I’ve co-hosted an event in Paris, traveled all over the world, worked with some of the largest beauty brands, automobile companies, spoken on panels, and much more. I am blessed! In 2018 I hope to partner with more lifestyle brands who don’t mind working with a self proclaimed cool girl that’s from VA, who loves ATL!

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“For a demographic that has a consumer buying power of $1.3T by the end of 2017, there still seems to be a huge gap or disparity with the representation of Black Influencers in various industries,” says Rachel.

Shout out to my folks @blackandabroad @kent_esq @the_em_effect @willedmond @freethevision I’m inspired by you all’s drive daily!