I Took The Crystal Light Flavor over Fizz Challenge!!

I try not to drink soda too much, but when I drink soda- I can’t stop lol. I am trying to get off of sodas because I know it isn’t good for me. I am slowly working on a healthier lifestyle and I am starting with drinks- no sodas and no artificial fruit juice!!
What makes my journey to drinking healthier more difficult is water is BLAH to me! I mean, who likes the taste of water?? lol It’s so plain to me. I KNOW I need to drink more water because it is beyond hot and humid in Atlanta and I need to stay hydrated. I have really been working on this. The best bet for me to drink water, is to add some flavor to it!
Everyday to work for the past 2 weeks, I have brought my little water bottles and my Crystal Light On The Go packettes. I drink about an inch and then I put the Crystal Light in. Close the bottle and shake it up for about 15 seconds and….

Voilà! Great Flavor! No Sugar! Only 5 Calories!

I’ve tried several different flavors and loved them all, but I really fell in love with the flavor of Raspberry Green Tea. I am a huge fan of their Raspberry Ice and I love green tea…so the mixture sounded perfect to me.
This is how I dressed up my Crystal Light:

Why not add raspberries to Raspberry Green Tea!!??!

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