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I love her hair- Soliel185

I was browsing through LHCF and spotted Soliel185. Her hair is too cute and the cut is amazing and frames her face so well.


Lexi: How long have you been natural? (If not all your life, Why did you decide to go natural?… If all your life, why did you decide to stay natural? )
Soliel185: I have been natural since July 15 2009. I’ve only had two bouts of with relaxed hair throughout my life – once around the age of 14 for a little over a year, and this most recent instance, starting in Jan of ’05. My first winter in AZ my relaxed hair reacted badly to the low humidity, and I got a lot of breakage. I started searching for solutions, and in the process I found LHCF. Initially I just wanted to get my relaxed hair healthy, but I saw a member with hair very similar to mine begin her transition, and I was inspired to begin my own. In all the years I’d been natural in the past I never really handled my hair. My mother did when I was young, and then after that it was always in braids. I never wore fros, or puffs, or twists and I wanted to take this time to really experience it instead of fearing it.

When did you BC?
I BC’d on July 15th. I was 17 and 1/2 months post.

How would you describe your curl pattern?
I think I have a 4 a/b curl pattern. I have smooth ringlets in the nape and on the sides, then it becomes more of a kink/curl in that the spirals aren’t uniform. The crown and front have a loose wavy pattern with large diameter curls towards the ends. I was really surprised to find that my hair wasn’t all the same texture. I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes as my hair continues to grow out.

What is your daily regimen? Do you have a winter hair routine?
My daily regimen is very simple. I’ve been lucky enough to find products that work very well me for me, and they’re all affordable. I wore mostly wash n go’s or puffs during the warmer months. I co-wash with a cheap conditioner – I love Suave Tropical Coconut, and VO5 Moisture Milks. I finger comb my hair in the shower section by section, then re-add a smaller amount of my conditioner as a leave-in. Once I’m out of the shower I add a mixture of coconut and olive oil to each section, and follow that with eco-styler gel. I do a final quick rinse with COLD water then shakeshakeshake and plop with an oversized T for about 20 minutes to help set the curls, and stop the drippies. I can keep my wash n go for up to 5 days, so I only co-washed once a week or so. To keep it fresh, I mist each morning with a mixture of Aloe Vera, Glycerine, and Rose Water and shake. I only comb once a week during the co-wash/detangling process. When I need to wash my scalp/hair I use a Shikakai bar. For DC’s I basically mix a whole lot of stuff together.  The core ingredients are Coconut Cream/Milk, Jojoba, Olive, and Castor Oils, Honey, Yogurt, and a dash of Braggs Amino Acids, Jheri Redding 100% protein.

Now that it’s winter I’ve joined a ‘twist challenge’. The goal was to not go more than 3 days with my hair loose, and instead keep it in twists (with or without extensions) to protect it from the harsh weather. On my non-twist days I wear a twist out. I decided to try kinky twists for the first time, so I’m going to wear them until the end of the challenge in December.

What are your favorite products? Styling tools?

Detangler : Amla Oil (apply to dampened sectioned hair and let sit for 10-30 minutes, then detangle section by section.)

Moisturizer: Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerine, Rose Water mixture in a spray bottle.

Co-Wash/Leave-in: HE Totally Twisted/Suave Tropical Coconut

Sealer/Oils: Vatika or Virgin Coconut mixed with EVOO
Tools: Melba Detangling Comb, My Hands, Jilbere Shower Comb, Denman (though rarely), Goody Paddle Brush (also rarely)

I haven’t straightened since my BC, but I did while I was transitioning. For that I use Sabino Moisture Block (original) as a heat protectant, my Sedu 1″ flat iron and a fine tooth comb. (I use the ‘comb-chase’ method)

How is the natural hair scene where you live.
Almost non-existent. Most of the women I see out here are relaxed or in weaves. It’s much better closer to the ASU campus, but straight hair is still the majority. I’m normally the only fro in the room.

What advice would you give someone going natural?
Take your time, and take it step by step. Transitioning can be frustrating and difficult. I had several false starts before I stuck it through. Don’t be afraid to weave it up, or braid it up to keep your mind off your hair. Natural hair can always be relaxed – but relaxed hair is permanent. Keep transitioning until you’re sure of what you want, and try to find inspirations that are different lengths to help your mental transition along.

Check her Fotki out to see more of her hair!soleilpuff2