I love her hair! – Kelis

Kelis was one of the biggest influences for me to go natural. I just loved her huge, curly, COLORFUL Fro!  I also liked her hair when she cut it. She is definitely a hair trendsetter. Check out some pics.



btw…I got my hair colored again. Similiar to the third picture but not as bright. I will do a video soon.


curly comments!

  • I must agree! Kelis hair is soo beautiful! she wears it well in all her videos… hope she has a healthy bouncing baby soon 🙂

  • CurlyFro

    IDoes anyone know the name of the colour Kelis has in the 1st pic? I wanna die my hair that colour! Its gawjuss.

    And Lexi, I looove your blog and your videos- your hair beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the great work

  • Tiff

    Kelis has FIERCE hair! Curly, straight, every color…I love it all! The other day a complete stranger told me that I have hair like Kelis and I almost kissed the man! I was soooooo happy, LOL

  • Lena

    ***jumping up and down*** please post please post…
    I love your videos. Kelis two tone hair is definitely fab