I love her curls: Pokahontas


Pokahontas has been my hair inspiration since I first started looking up natural hair in 2003 before and after I did my big chop. I came across her Fotki and fell in love with natural hair!! There are plenty of celebrities back in the day that inspired me to go natural by just showcasing their natural curls, but it was Pokahontas who really brought it home and showed her natural hair with many different styles and showed her hair throughout its growth which really inspired me to know I can do it at home and don’t need celebrity stylist to do it. Here is her story:

Lexi:  How long have you been natural? (If not all your life, Why did you decide to go natural?… If all your life, why did you decide to stay natural? )

Pokahontas: I’ve been natural for most of my life.  I was only relaxed for about 5 years and since my transition I’ve been natural for about 7-8 years.
I went natural before I even found hair forums so I had no idea what I was doing.  I read books and magazines to get all the information I could but none of it compared to the knowledge that can be found on those forums.  I decided to go natural mainly because there wasn’t much reason for me to have a relaxer….my hair was still very curly and it still reverted in any type of humidity and this is with a full blown relaxer.  When I was transitioning there wasn’t a huge difference from my new growth and the relaxed part so I didn’t have a hard time with it.  Also, I didn’t like the way my stylist did my touch-ups or trims….she put the relaxer on all of my hair like a virgin relaxer every time I went in for a touch-up and whacked off my hair whenever she felt like it without asking so I just stopped going and took control of my own hair.

How would you describe your curl pattern?

I would describe my curl pattern to be very frizzy, cottony spirals.  My hair has many different textures and there are even multiple textures on the same hair strand.  Looking closely at one of my curls it forms loose flat S shapes at the top then starts curling into tighter ringlets at the bottom. I don’t like hair typing but I guess my hair would fall into the 3b/c category and it is very fine with no weight to it which makes shrinkage extreme for me.


What is your daily regimen? Do you have a winter hair routine?

My daily regimen consists of moisturizing and sealing, and I’m usually wearing my hair in a twist-out, roller set, or wash n’ go.  I wash my hair no more than once a week.
During the winter I pretty much have the same routine but I style my hair in more straight styles so I don’t have to re-wet it.  I do twist-outs and just moisturize and re-twist every night or I’ll roller set my hair on big rollers and do a “silk wrap” to straighten it out without having to use direct heat.  
What are your favorite products? Styling tools?

Are you sure you wanna know this…..I’m a real product junkie, lol.  My favorite products would have to be Karens Body Beautiful Hair Milk and Butter, Hairveda’s Cocasta Shikikai hair oil, Whipped Jelly and Vatika Frosting, Yes to Carrots Hair Mask and conditioner, Ecostyler clear gel.  
Styling tools would have to be…..Maxiglide for straight styles, magnetic rollers and my Pibbs 514 hair dryer for rollersets, wide-tooth comb and Denman comb…..oh and saran wrap for my silk wraps.  I have to have it, lol… time in the middle of doing a silk wrap i realized I didn’t have any so I sent someone out on a special trip just to get it, lol.

What is your go-to hairstyle; and what are the steps?

My go-to-hairstyle is pretty much any kind of ponytail.  I slick my hair back with Ecostyler, us a toothbrush for super slick edges and just let the back do whatever.  I do a lot of twist-outs as well but it seems like everything I do gets thrown into some sort of ponytail, lol.


How is the natural hair scene where you live?

The natural scene where I live is very very few and far between.  I get my natural inspirations from the ladies on hair boards or youtube.

What advice would you give someone going natural?

Have patience, do tons of research, don’t be afraid to experiment and even if you fail don’t give up after the first time.  Check out hair forums and youtube for beautiful natural hair inspirations.

Thank you so much to Pokahontas. I am so happy I ran into her on LHCF because I lost her fotki and hadn’t seen her hair updates in awhile.