I haven’t retained any length :-(

I have made progress (sort of) with my hair. I have tried different styles that I normally wouldn’t have tried. I stepped out of my comfort zone. I was always a twist out or wash and go girl….No longer! I am experimenting waaayyy more. I got tired of the monotony. Besides, the beauty of natural hair is versatility, right?!!

On to hair growth, my hair has been growing approximately 1/3 to 1/2 an inch monthly. Pretty common growth–but why can’t I see it? 🙁  Every year, my hair seems to be the same length. I know what it is though. Every 3 or 4 months I decide to do a little trim myself..usually only a half an inch…Then I go to the salon for a straightening or color and they insist my ends need to be trimmed…so thats another inch being cut off each time. It seems like everytime my hair grows- I am cutting it right back off. No more! I want to see my growth. My hair growth appears stagnate when it really isn’t. Check out some pics:

Let’s start with late college- This was in 2005


Dec 2008

April 2009

Jan 2010, Feb 2010,

and April 2010

To now!! December 2010

It’s not breaking off at all due to color or anything, and I know its growing because of my new growth- It’s easy for me to tell my growth. I need to STOP trimming it so much. All these little trims end up being inches. Your hair grows approximately 6 inches a year.

My goal in 2010 is to try to retain at least 4 1/2 to 5 inches. I think I can do it. With protective styles and even straightening (I know, I know-so many think heat is the devil) . I retained so much length in my college years because I straightened all the time. I left no room for my hair to get tangled badly which snaps the ends and makes me have to cut even more.

Join me on my journey to ….Waist length I guess. It sucks because I am tall- my hair has to grow even longer than the average person to appear the same length.