I Have Pink Curls! Streekers Review

I Have Pink Curls! Streekers Review

I have wanted pink curls since Kelis came out with “Caught Out There” as a freshmen in high school. I’m sure you remember those days of the big haired Kelis. Obviously in high school, my mother was NOT having that.

Let’s fast forward to 2012, I FINALLY have pink curls! Why did it take me so long? Well really because I couldn’t find anything that was truly temporary that wouldn’t tint my hair forever. I finally found a brand called Streekers which you heard me talk about here. They have 8 colors and I chose to try out Pink. (maybe next time I will do Blue)

 It’s very easy to do. The applicator reminds me of a lip gloss. You literally take small sections of your hair and “paint” your hair. I decided to start of with just the front left of my hair and only half way down. It literally dries in minutes and you can comb or brush and do what you like from that point. The only thing you can’t do is..of course, get it wet.

I haven’t washed it out yet, but they say that after one or two shampoos it should be completely out 🙂 (Will keep you updated on that)

Oh yeah, this won’t work on dark hair so you have to have a lighter hair color or it may not work to achieve the desired color.

All in all, I love it so far! It’s great “weekend” hair but luckily for me I have a job where I can have whatever color hair I want to.

So what do you think?

Disclosure: This product was sent to me. I was not compensated for the review nor was I required to do a review. I did so because I like it!