I Got My Nose Pierced At Piercing Experience – Recap

I Got My Nose Pierced At Piercing Experience – Recap

So this weekend, I did something I wanted to do for years. I got my nose pierced. Ever since the days of the small studs I wanted one. When Mya first came out, I loved her nose piercing. I thought it was soooo cute! And then Christina Aguilera and countless other singers and entertainers. I always wanted one and I am totally surprised this was not my first piercing. My first one, besides my ears, was my labret (below my lip) . LOL I was a freshmen in college and kept it in only for about 2 or 3 years.

So this weekend, I did a ton of research and decided to go for it. I watched countless Youtube videos to get an idea of the pain and the process. I decided to take the plunge. I reached out to NaturallyKela to come with my for moral support.

I headed to Piercing Experience after looking at several Yelp reviews. Not only did they have great reviews, BUT they are APA certified and its very few piercing places that are certified. I also talked to an associate that was there and he was so friendly and helpful on the phone. It made me feel great before I even got there!

When I arrived, it was a very nice and clean space. They also had ample jewelry for you to purchase for your starter pieces and if you have a healed piercing. I entered one of the private piercing rooms.

The owner Christina was my piercer. It was VERY clean and sanitary. Christina changed gloves and washed her hands and wrists each time she did something different- kinda like a surgeon. So onto the “scary” part. I laid down on the table bed and prepared for the worse! (I haven’t had a piercing since 2003 so I forgot whether they are painful or not). She asked me what side I wanted it on and I told her the Left. After doing much research, I saw that most Indian women in North India get their left side pierced and it supposedly lessens child birth pain and makes endometriosis less painful. AND my favorite rapper happens to have his on the left side (Tupac!!!) so I went with that.

She found the position that most people get their nose pierced aesthetically-wise and less painful-wise. She put a dot on it and I looked in the mirror to see if that was where I wanted it. I agreed and I laid back down. She put a light gauzelike sheet on top of my face with a hole for the nose so she could isolate it (or maybe so I wouldn’t freak out from a needle coming through my face lol). She told me step by step what she was doing. She advised that my eye would water on the side of the piercing. Christina then told me she was going to put a little pressure on the spot to make sure there is no tingling or anything. Everything was a go…

Then it was time! Then she said, “Take a deep breath and breath out”. I did so….and on the “breathing out”, she stuck it in there. Let me tell you…I really didn’t feel it!!! It literally felt like I flicked my nose with my nail. Like NO PAIN AT ALL. And then she said, “Okay, you’re going to feel another pinch” when she put the stud in. Again, I didn’t feel any pain. WOW! I psyched myself up for so much pain and nothing!

It was a great experience and I love my piercing. I am taking care of it now washing it twice a day with Dr. Bronners Castile Soap in Baby Mild. From what I hear, nose piercings take awhile to heal because the inside is always wet. I will continue to take care of it properly. I will also be picking up some Saline and Lavender Oil ( I hear this is great for healing your wounds).

Sooooo that was my experience!