I finally hit 10,000 Subbies on Youtube

It took me FOREVER, but I have made it. I have watched people start waaayyy after me, and pass me up so quickly lol… Which is a good thing for the newer Youtubers. It’s great that alot of us can have tons of subscribers who are willing to check out our videos. The Natural Hair Youtube world is awesome. I have had the pleasure of talking to some of the ladies online or even met some in person.

I love the opportunity to meet subscribers. I was in Goodwill the other day and I overheard someone that works there telling her co-worker ” I think that is that girl from Youtube”…but not wanting to feel awkward, I didn’t turn around immediately in case she wasn’t going to say anything directly to me. Moments later she did and asked me if I was Lexi.

I think its totally awesome when I meet subbies in Atlanta. It is Atlanta and the majority of my subscribers are in Georgia so I usually do talk to quite a few people–even when I am in other states.

Thank you to everyone who subscribes to my channel, has told a friend about it, and have been my publicists along the way lol (Yall know who yall are -My mom, my sister Adrienne, my BF, Kendrelle, Heather, Christina, Sherita, Adrienne, Saundra and many more who will tell people about my blog/videos because I am too shy to do so lol)

So if you subscribe, yall probably noticed I am stepping my video game up. I am trying to post at least one video a week. Check out my most recent videos-My doing a Big Chop on my friends, Me blowing out and straightening my hair, and my Tangle Teezer review.