I dyed my roots! Don’t try this at home

As most of you know from my pics….I was about a year in from getting my roots done (colorwise). It was almost like half of my hair was black and the ends were reddish blonde. Well I am planning to get a weave (early next week- will post deets soon) and wanted to have my roots done because it was about 5 inches of dark hair!!

I used Textures & Tones in Lightest Blonde and used a 30 Developer….Now, it didn’t come out as “blonde” as I wanted it.  I left it on long enough that  I thought it was fine and blended well.  I always had some areas in the very front that was lighter blonde. I think it will still look fine…either way, it looks MUCH better than the 5 inches or so of black roots lol.

I only dyed the top portion.