I Dyed My Roots- Dark & Lovely Light Golden Blonde

I dyed my roots!!! Lol after my Dad joked me for my dark roots and blonde hair, I finally have done my roots. This was a very needed process. I am the queen of not doing my roots or waiting until it’s about 4 inches. Out of pure laziness really.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting you dye your hair at home. I am just sharing my experience.  If you do, do so at your own risk!

So I used my tried and true Dark & Lovely Light Golden Blonde. Instead of the cream developer in the kit, I used 30 Developer cream. (Once again, I don’t suggest you use anything other than what’s in the kit and following their instructions)

I put the dye on my ROOTS ONLY making sure to not overlap. Think of it like when you used to have a relaxer…you don’t want to put relaxer on a part that is already relaxed.

The dye is starting to work and my hair is beginning to lighten 🙂

And lighten even more….

And the final results: (don’t mind the conditioner sitting in my hair lol)

I think this is a great match for my hair. It looks a little light now, but it will tone down 🙂 I am doing a twist out today using some new products so I am excited to see the results with the new hair color.

Sidenote: I CLEARLY need to lighten my eyebrows just a tad…not to blonde, but to a Med-Dark Brown…

Another pic:

Do you do your own color at home?


curly comments!

  • looks great! when my hair was lighter i would just use the sally hansen extra strong hair bleach and leave it on for a few minutes to get a more brown brow color 🙂

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Yay! Thanks RenRen. Tht will help me so it wont be so harsh of a color difference.

  • DiJah

    I used to dye my hair myself. Textures & Tones cherrywood was my favorite color until last summer my friend suggested Bigen jet black, and i’ve been on that for the longest. Dyed my hair at the end of summer and i’m thinking of adding a honey blonde to the front pretty soon, just because I crave change… can’t help myself lol

  • leslie

    That came out pretty! What do you use to deep condition? Does your hair seem to dry out from the color or do you moisturize it daily and if so what do you use?

  • TraciB

    You are sooooo brave! It looks good!

  • chrystal

    That’s the same color i use love it, need a touch up myself

  • LovelyCurlyElle

    Yes! I have been dying my hair at home for about 5 years now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Your color looks good! I am a red girl, before red was “in”. I use Revlon light auburn and in the summer time bright auburn. I have to use 2 boxes because I have a lot of hair and I color my whole head… Although the back always turns out darker than the front! You go girl!

  • I dye my hair at home and use professional L’oreal colour, use 40 vol developer, also I add castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, this is the second time, I have done it. I did my only my roots and left on for 25 minutes and refresh the ends for the last 10 minutes. Very happy with the results.

  • When I use to color, I used the exact same brand and color. Always worked well!

  • Can u explain the rsn u used a different developer cream than the one in given in the box??

  • Jayde

    Your hair looks lovely. Did you have to bleach it?

  • Jayde

    I colored my hair at home with this color. It didn’t come out this color. Next time im getting a professional. My hair had 4 different colors in it. Luckily I paid a hair stylist to fix it. Im waiting 2 years for my hair to grow out so I can do this

  • Tanya

    This looks lovely!