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I Dyed My Roots- Dark & Lovely Light Golden Blonde

I dyed my roots!!! Lol after my Dad joked me for my dark roots and blonde hair, I finally have done my roots. This was a very needed process. I am the queen of not doing my roots or waiting until it’s about 4 inches. Out of pure laziness really.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting you dye your hair at home. I am just sharing my experience.  If you do, do so at your own risk!

So I used my tried and true Dark & Lovely Light Golden Blonde. Instead of the cream developer in the kit, I used 30 Developer cream. (Once again, I don’t suggest you use anything other than what’s in the kit and following their instructions)

I put the dye on my ROOTS ONLY making sure to not overlap. Think of it like when you used to have a relaxer…you don’t want to put relaxer on a part that is already relaxed.

The dye is starting to work and my hair is beginning to lighten 🙂

And lighten even more….

And the final results: (don’t mind the conditioner sitting in my hair lol)

I think this is a great match for my hair. It looks a little light now, but it will tone down 🙂 I am doing a twist out today using some new products so I am excited to see the results with the new hair color.

Sidenote: I CLEARLY need to lighten my eyebrows just a tad…not to blonde, but to a Med-Dark Brown…

Another pic:

Do you do your own color at home?