UPDATE: I did my friend’s Big Chop

So yesterday was an eventful day.My friend Cache’t decided she wanted to do her Big Chop and she wanted me to do it. lol I have never cut anyone’s hair but I figured, How hard could it be? Everyone feels like they need to go to a salon for a Big Chop but instead of spending 60+ , think about having a friend do it initially and then get it shaped up in a salon.

So Cache’t was super nervous and cancelled on me like 3 times lol.

So I end up cutting off all the relaxed ends and was super nervous not to cut it too short…especially with her hair drying, it was starting to get difficult to tell the difference between the relaxed hair and her new growth. So several times while cutting it I asked her to re-wet it. I wanted to be SURE I wasn’t cutting too much hair.

After cutting it off into a mini fro she was like “Ahhhhh!”  I always see the awesome BC videos on Youtube and everyone is so ecstatic, etc… but everyone doesn’t have that same experience. I didn’t. I was like “Wow! This is different”…Cache’t had an experience similar to mine..she wasn’t blown away.

So before we got started, we checked out a couple of videos so she could see different styles. We checked out coil outs and twist outs. We decided to try twist outs.

So I used Miss Jessie’s curly pudding and got a spray bottle filled with water and got started.

Sooo..onto the twists. It took longer than expected. I did them kind of small to create great definition

While re-wetting the hair AND putting product on it, I could see even more where I missed some relaxed ends so I cut them off before or after I twisted.

She sat under the dryer for about 45 minutes and Voila!

She wasn’t feeling it. lol But it’s okay.I think she will grow to like it when she get’s more length. It is something different for her because she hasn’t been natural since she was a little girl like most of us.  I hope she gives it a chance and wear it out when it grows a little more so she can feel more comfortable

Thanks Cache’t for letting me play in your hair lol.


Now Cache’t thinks she is the America’s Next  Top Natural Hair Model!! LOL…. Just a day ago she was like “Ahhhhh” and now she loves it. That is so awesome. Just a headband and a little makeup and she felt totally better about it: