I Did It! I Cut My Hair via Loop Salon Atlanta

I Did It! I Cut My Hair via Loop Salon Atlanta


I finally took the plunge and cut my hair 🙂

My hair was very damaged in my leave out area (the part of my hair that remains out when my hair is in a weave). Whenever I wear a weave and it is straight and I have to do alot of straightening or curling my hair, my hair ended up getting heat damage. My hair in that front section barely curled up. It was kinky at the root, then straight in the middle and then wavy towards the end…literally. It was time for it to GO!!! (FYI- I’m not against weaves now. I just will be waaayy more careful and stick with textures that match my texture)

I went to the Loop Salon in Atlanta, GA and made an appointment through the awesome owner Lindsay. She gave me an appointment with Jameela. I rushed to her instagram and scrolled through all her before and after images and was very impressed. I had confidence in Loop Salon and they are basically THE go-to salon for tapered cuts. The day before I met one of my readers at Starbucks and she told me she got her hair cut there so I knew it was great.

When I arrived at the salon during  lunch (Yep! I got my hair cut during my lunch break), I was slightly nervous. I had a million inspiration pics I pulled from TheCutLife’s instagram page and showed them what I wanted. In the end, all of the pics were similar, but different.

Jameela used Ouidad products in my hair  to wash which I am already a fan of so that was great. As we got in the chair, she sectioned it off and started snipping in the back. My once long (but damaged lol) locks were hitting the floor. I didn’t flinch or get nervous. After the first snip, I was like, “Well, I can’t back out now!” so then I calmed down –Oh, let me back up a little. My boyfriend moments before the cut begged me not to cut it which gave me mild anxiety. We talked about it for months and finally I decided to do it, made the appointment and was now sitting in the chair. I was committed! But as I laid in the bowl as she washed my hair, I was getting hella texts from him lol.


Back to scheduled programming…she cut each layer and made each section longer to give that tapered effect. after she finished, she asked what I thought and I asked her for a little shorter on the sides. She went in again and cut a little more and finished shaping the overall look. She also shaped up the back to a cute shape. (Now I probably actually have to go to the barber shop to get it shaped up since my hair grows fast :/ lol)

Because I couldn’t be gone from work too long, she just used a Ouidad Climate Control Gel and ran it through my hair and I headed back. Here is the finished look after I left:



In the evening after dinner, this is how it looked:

DSC_0053 DSC_0054 DSC_0055

I went back to work and everyone loved it so that made me feel better. Now it was time to show my boyfriend and Mom. My boyfriend LOVED It Thank God. My mom liked it as well and told me I need to make sure I wear earrings everyday now (lol).

That night when I got home, I just kept snapping shots lol.


That night I ended up using the Au Naturale L.O.C products and did two strand twists to the top portion and put small rods on the end. I took them out the next morning and used a pick to fluff the hair up. These pics are from the next night because I forgot to take pics when it was fresher earlier in the day.

IMG_2731 IMG_2727 IMG_2735

As you can tell by me taking a million random shots, I LOVE IT!!

I can’t wait to play in my hair and do twist outs, rod sets, etc… I also will be trying out all types of products still and doing reviews. I will probably end up doing more reviews now since it’s shorter and takes less time.

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