Huffington Post’s Spotlight- ‘HairStory’ Of Atlanta

Huffington Post’s Spotlight- ‘HairStory’ Of Atlanta

I ran across an article in Huffington Post- Black Voices. They were doing Atlanta spotlights and you can’t talk about Atlanta and not mention hair of course.

This article attributes Bronner Bros to putting Atlanta on the hair map. Definitely true! I have been hearing about Bronner Bros for years before I came to Atlanta and every February and August, I would be around town and see elaborate hairstyles with tons of color and sometimes even something battery operated in their hair lol.

Atlanta is home to many fabulous hairstylists like Derek J and Lawrence…and the other thousands here. I never really understood how people in ATL say they can’t find a good hairstylist. I mean literally in every shopping center, there are probably 2 or 3 salons with good stylists. It’s kind of overwhelming.

As far as upcoming hair trends:

For the fall, Derek J, who introduced Kandi Burruss to a longer, softer look, is high on color. “I’m just so excited now that black women are starting to do color now because they were so scared of color. Also, just trying new things, like cutting your hair.”

The owner of Soy Salon speaks about natural hair in Atlanta:

“At first, it was kind of hard to convince people,” she admits. “But now we are just in a different place in society where everyone is trying to be healthier . . . we have a huge movement towards people wanting to get rid of the chemicals.” And Atlanta, says Soy, has been at the forefront of the natural hair movement in the Southeast.
Women transition to natural hair in various ways, according to Soy. “You have some clients that want to just go ahead and instantly transition and they feel like I want to do a big chop . . . and then you have other clients that want to do it gradually, where they grow their hair out to a certain length and then transition.”

From weaves to natural hair, it seems like Atlanta is the hair capital. Even when it comes to Youtube views, apparently Georgia has the highest amount of searches when it comes to natural hair. Georgia definitely is the mecca for hair versatility! It’s not all natural, all relaxed or all weave like people outside of GA may think. It’s literally a good mix of people.

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