Huetiful Steamer Review

Hello Ladies!  I had the opportunity to review a Huetiful Steamer . I really like the steamer. It is small and compact so you dont have to worry about lugging a huge steamer out. This is especially good if you don’t have much space and you can just sit it on your table in the kitchen or counter. The first thing from opening the box was that it was fairly easy to put together- only 3 parts. Once I turned it on, it started steaming within 2 minutes.

About 15-20 minutes after sitting under the steamer, it automatically made a sound that it was done. It has ALOT of steam that comes out- but of course not enough that you feel hot. In fact, I didn’t feel alot of heat on my back or hot water dripping on me like at the salons. I liked that I didn’t have to sit under the steamer for 40 minutes like I usually do because the steam came out more powerful in the Huetiful steamer.

Steaming opens up the cuticles of the hair. It reduces time required for coloring also. Steamers are actually beneficial for all women- natural, relaxed, women that color their hair, etc.  Everytime I go to a salon they use a steamer- but it costs an extra $20 most places in Atlanta. It is a good idea to invest in one instead of paying stylist when you can easily do it at home and more frequently.

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