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How To Select A Vendor On AliExpress For Hair Purchases

How To Select A Vendor On AliExpress For Hair Purchases

Have you heard of AliExpress? This is where a good chunk of your favorite weave brands get their hair from with Asian based vendors. This post is by no means me telling you to not purchase from your hair vendors. Quality brands like ONYC and Indique get their hair from different sources so it’s always quality which is why you don’t see bad hair from them. But you will notice that alot of these IG weave companies have good batches and bad batches. They are getting their hair from AliExpress. This is the best kept (not so) secret website that can save you some money when you are low on funds.

AliExpress is an Asian based marketplace where you can buy pretty much anything!! From watches, to clothing, to makeup brushes. I started going on the site when I heard you can find good hair on there. You are paying a portion of the price …but there is a cost. You may spend hundreds on hair from AliExpress and it might be trash hair and you just wasted your money :/ But you may luck up and get some great hair for a low price. It’s really risky and you may spend alot to find the perfect hair vendor.

I’ve been doing some hair purchasing on AliExpress and I am going to take you through my tips on things to look for…and things to avoid.

Search Based On Amount Of Purchases

If the item you are looking at doesn’t have any purchases or has low purchases, DON’T TAKE THE RISK. I repeat, DON’T DO IT. You will be risking your hard earned money and it may be horrible hair.

After you do your search, filter it to be in order based on Order numbers like below. You want the items that have been purchased the most to pop up first. That  means that these items have been vetted by many people and you are least likely to lose out on your money by receiving hair that tangles up immediately :/.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 4.03.54 PM

Don’t trust the images in the profile

You will see everyone from Beyonce to Ashanti to Angela Simmons in the bios from some of these companies–including some of your favorite Youtube gurus. 10 times out of 10, Halle Berry did NOT get her weave from this company on AliExpress lol.

Look at picture reviews

Don’t just trust the words of the reviews. Look at the pictures. You can segment it online and click for the reviews with pictures so you don’t have to go through the fluff. Click on FEEDBACK and then click the “With Pictures” to see the reviews that have images only. Some of the images will just be of the hair out the pack— I hate that :/  Some girls will actually have the hair in so you can see what it looks like after being washed and installed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 3.53.26 PM

Here is an example of some pictures. Look for images where they actually post the hair in their head.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.49.08 PM

How are the reviews?

Some vendors have fake reviews. You should be able to tell if it’s fake when it is in broken English. Don’t believe it. Especially if it’s an American flag beside it. If the reviews are all the 5 out of 5 stars but there are no comments, don’t even rely on those to be honest. You should really read these reviews.

Also, alot of companies on AliExpress will pay people to change their reviews if they originally left a bad review. You will see that alot. For example, if I didn’t like something I purchased and I was honest in my review and gave them low stars, they might contact me and offer to refund me some money to change my review and up the stars.Not all of the companies do this I’m sure, but every now and then you will see this mentioned by people in the comments that the brand offered them money to change the review.  This is why it’s best to look at the pictures of the people reviewing. Pictures don’t lie.

When you find hair you like, do a quick search on Youtube. This is great because you can see the hair in action and see how it moves. I always check Youtube first before I decide to make a purchase on pretty much anything

Talk to the vendors

It might be difficult at times to communicate with the sellers because of the language barrier but just stick to the basics and be very specific. Don’t use slang or anything. Make sure they have a full understanding of what you are looking for. “I want two bundles of 14″ in color 1B in Brazilian Wavy”. Be specific and to the point. All of the vendors will speak English, but it may not be the best English. Just be patient 🙂

Also, there will be a time delay. They are based generally 8+ hours ahead so if you plan on trying to talk to a vendor at 1pm Eastern, you may not hear from them until around midnight when they start working. Be patient about that. They can’t work around the clock.

Free Shipping

Most of the hair vendors will ship for free. Make sure you look out for that. They also ship fast. With some vendors, you could order today and it may arrive in 3 business days. If the hair is in stock, you should get it fairly quickly. Check to see how it’s shipping. if its shipping with a method where someone has to be home to sign, please be aware of that. Nothing worse then something coming to your house super quickly, but then you can’t be home to retrieve it.But yay to Aliexpress quick and free shipping!

I think this is it for now. If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments and I will address on my next AliExpress post.

Will you be checking out for hair purchases?