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How To Get Kelly Rowland’s Curls With Aveda

How To Get Kelly Rowland’s Curls With Aveda

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Everyone’s loving Kelly Rowland’s curly extensions she has been rocking the past year! They are always the perfect curls and that generally doesn’t include just washing the hair and letting it air dry. That type of curl perfection, whether your real hair or extensions requires a little work. Check out what Tippi Shorter, Global Artistic Director for Aveda had to say to Daily Glow.



“Tippi Shorter, a global artistic director for Aveda, put her expertise to work on Kelly Rowland’s mane; she recommends using a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for curly hair. Then towel-dry hair and add a layer of Aveda’s Be Curly Style-Prep — it adds moisture and defines curls, says Shorter, as it seals the cuticle of the hair, taming frizz all day.

The key to Rowland’s look is in the blow-drying. Shorter recommends using a diffuser on wet hair until it’s nearly dry. “Start by setting your dryer on low or medium heat and air pressure,” she says. “It will take longer but helps prevent frizz and dryness.” To create uniform curls, Shorter recommends using a five-eighths-inch curling iron.”

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