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HOTW- Hair Of The Weekend- Straightened Indique Mystere Curl

HOTW- Hair Of The Weekend- Straightened Indique Mystere Curl

Just when I thought I was about to take the extensions out, my stylist Shawnda Dee hooked up my hair and we went for a different look. This time she straightened the hair and curled it with a ceramic iron.

I was kinda curious as to how this hair would straighten. (Disclaimer- since this is real hair, you always have to make sure you don’t damage the hair so straighten at your own risk and use minimal heat) She washed my hair and sat me under the dryer. After it was dry, she got out the ceramic iron and started straightening in small sections. She then curled with the same ceramic iron.

She had my hair looking great at the BET Hip Hop Awards with a very-Beyonce-esque red carpet look.

And here I go with FreddyO

This is at the end of the night so I’m all extra oily and my hair is a little frizzy from the humidity!

So Saturday evening, I decided to use my trusty flexirods that I heart so much!

And in the morning when I took them out, I had beautiful curls!!

A+ to this hair really straightening nicely and holding a GREAT curl!