HOTW- Hair Of The (Bronner Bros) Weekend – Cantu

HOTW- Hair Of The (Bronner Bros) Weekend – Cantu

It’s Bronner Bros weekend so I spent the entire day there! I am EXHAUSTED! Bronner Bros can be alot and very tiring but I love it.

So I have had a HORRIBLE hair week. I had it in a horrible, ugly bun all week. SMH! I hate when I get in a hair mood where I don’t want to do my hair but it happens more often than none. ┬áSo this morning I got up extra early so I could look presentable since I was co-hosting a segment with The Curly Cam for Elasta QP’s 30th anniversary at Bronner Bros.

So what did I use:

This weekend I decided to use Cantu Curling Cream that’s new. I am a huge Cantu fan so when they came out with their natural line I was ecstatic. I just did a wash and go because I was pressed for time. I put it throughout my hair and scrunched it in.

When I got the Bronner Bros, I scrunched in a little the Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango butter to add moisture. Here it goes!

AMAZING!! My hair was so soft. I got compliments all day and people wanted to feel my hair. Everyone agreed how soft and defined it was!

Definitely loving the Cantu Curling Cream just as much as my beloved Cantu Leave-In that I used for years which was actually my first love when I went natural. I would use that for wash & gos and for twist outs.

I am so pleased at my wash & go with this product. Great job Cantu!!

What do you think?

Have you tried Cantu before?