HOTD- Hair Of The Day (June 18th)

My birthday is Monday so I was planning on going out all this weekend but ended up not… :sigh: but I did get dressed up and attempted to get out the house.


I ended up using something new- Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious for thick hair. It definitely added shine with definition. I didn’t feel like it was totally moisturizing so I added some Shea Moisture creme on top of it. One thing I have a problem with doing is just using one product and letting it be…. I took the sides and brushed it smooth and bobby pinned the sides and I took the front and made a little hump and secured it with a couple of bobby pins.


I will definitely try the Bumble and Bumble again. It has been sitting in my bathroom for 2 years!!! This was my first time trying it. My curls were still in tact the 2nd day though.