Having It All + New Season Of Tia & Tamera Sunday!

Having It All + New Season Of Tia & Tamera Sunday!
Tia & Tamera - Season 3
Credit: Matthias Clamer/Style Network

Trying to have it all? Well thats pretty tough. Juggling my career, blog life, working out and family (Bentley lol), it is hard sometimes to balance.  At times I do get overwhelmed. Yes, I’m not married nor do I have any children, but that doesn’t mean I’m not busy. While working on a career and building a brand for myself, those alone are pretty demanding.

During the day, of course I focus on my job and career. After work, I try to go to the gym to get at least an hour of working out. After that I work on my brand (LexiWithTheCurls) while I make sure to give my dog Bentley as much as attention as possible.

I take full advantage of my weekends. I work on my blog and play with Bentley and sometimes go to the dog park. I try to get my social time in on the weekends since during the week I typically have events to cover.

Whew! Just typing this out I see how busy I am lol. I think I have a pretty good balance. I have my goals to get to where I want to go, so I have to plan accordingly and multi-task.

Credit: Matthias Clamer/Style Network

Some of you all know that I absolutely adore Tia & Tamera. I had the absolute pleasure of being Tia’s assistant a couple of years ago while she was filming “The Game” in Atlanta. She is the sweetest and most humble actress I have met (and I have met alot because of the industry I work in). Tia & Tamera are super nice people and so fun!

I hope you have been keeping up with the past seasons of Tia & Tamera on The Style Network. To catch you up really quickly we saw Tamera get married, Tia have her baby Cree, and now Tamera has had her baby Aden.

They are gearing up for their 3rd season and work on balancing to “have it all”. Juggling career and family (plus many other things), it can get tough…but check out how Tia & Tamera deal with it. These are some busy sisters!

Make sure you tune in for the Season 3 premiere on Sunday, July 14th at 8/7C on Style.

Oh!! There is also a cool Instagram contest going on where you can win a $2,000 shopping spree. Head over to Celebuzz to find out all the deets. It’s a super easy contest. I will totally be entering!

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