Have You Tried Lustrasilk Curl Max Products?

I’m not sure how new they are, but the Curl Max lines is new to me. I received 4 new products from Lustrasilk Curl Max that is infused with Argan Oil. Argan Oil is defintely the big thing right now and is supposed to be very good for your hair.

I have been using Lustrasilk for awhile now and always buy the Olive Oil Cholesterol. I use them up so I always make sure I stock up! I didn’t even know they had products for naturally curly hair.

Here are the products: (I have not tried any of them yet)

Curl Max Curl Pudding $5.99

This product reminds me of a gel mixed with a cream- kinda souffle like and clear-ish (lol at my descriptions). This definitely looks like its for a wash & go.

Curl Max Twisty Curl Spray

$5.99 also. This is said to activate curls. You spray it in and scrunch.


Curly Max Super Curly Mousse      and     Curl Activator ($5.99)

All of the products have great prices. Also they are all alcohol free. I will try one this weekend..maybe will try the Curl Pudding first…idk which one yet.

If you have checked them out, let me know how you like them!


curly comments!

  • Daisy

    Aragan oil is FAB I need to try Morracan oil next. I use Aragan oil on my hair and skin LUV It!

  • Tiffani LaReaux

    I used the twisty curly spray yesterday for the first time and my kinky 4a hair instantly transformed into spiral curls. I was amazed on how fast my curl pattern changed and it dries fast. I really like it. Im goin to try the other products. i recommend highly.

  • Arielle J.

    Where can you find these products?

  • C.J.

    I purchased the curl pudding and I have been using it for a week. I will say that I love what it does for my hair! I usually use it for my flat twist out. It leaves my hair looking great(moisturized and soft) and the smell is amazing!

    You should be able to purchase the Curl Pudding, as well as the other items, at your local BSS.

  • Redmaven77

    I have been using these products a few days now. I really really like the curl moisturising activator, the curly pudding, the twists spray, and they also have a creamy moisturiser it’s “okay”. This group of products will definatley be my staples from now on. I can sya I have had one of the best soft and defined twistouts since using these products.

  • Avion

    I have been using the curl max activator moisturizer for about 6 months now and after the first day of using it my hair has been the softness its ever been in my life and my curls look great. People are allows asking what I am puting in my hair, now i have four of my friends use and loving curl activator moisturizer.

  • Alika

    I have used the curl pudding and I love it! Really love my natural curly hair and want to keep it that way.

  • Missy

    I just bought the Curl Activator Moisturizer a few days ago and paid a little more then this price is, I like how is helped with the real bad frizz I have and plan to try other products from this line real soon.

  • Shari

    I just used the mouse and the pudding. I have to say that I like both. I love that it’s not greasy and the smell is not overpowering. I think that I am going to purchase the rest of the line and see how that goes.

  • KG

    I’ll try them. When I was relaxed I was a big Lustrasilk fan. MoistureMax saved my hair!

  • Ingrid Campbell

    I purchased the pudding today with a texturizer which i planned to do this week. I decided to ck out the pudding and Wow what a beautiful sight, a head full of curls, taking bk the texturizer and buying more pudding and more of these curl max products they are fantastic…. Texturizer… Hell to the NO

  • Jemima

    I have had jheri curls for years and always used the Lustrasilk After Shampoo Curl Restorer. It instantly brought back my curls and then i will add the activator to style my hair. Unfortunately, Lustrasilk has discontinued the After Shampoo Curl Restorer and I cannot find a single.. bottle anywhere. Lustrasilk will not tell me what the equivalent to the product. I am afraid to shampoo my hair and lose all my curls. Does anyone know which Lustrasilk product will snap back the curls after shampoo? I developed an allergy to the competing brands and gave up on them. Please help.

  • Lisa

    I just purchased the Lustrasilk Curl Pudding. It says it’s infused with Argan oil,but I don’t see argan oil listed anywhere on the ingredients on the jar. I sent an email questioning this to the company’s website. No answer yet. Other than that, it feels great on my hair. I’ve been a MoistureMax devotee for years!

  • MW

    I just recently tried the Curl Pudding. At first I was excited, here was a product that was relatively inexpensive, smelled good and felt good when applying it. While my hair was still wet I was pleased but once my hair was totally dry my curls that were supposed to be soft and shiny were anything but.  The one plus was that my hair did not feel greasy after the product dried but my hair felt hard and crunchy.  The product also did not dry clear, it left my hair looking dusty and dull.  I also found that whenever I scratched my head or twisted my curls (which I love to do from time to time), the product flaked.  I looked as if I had a bad case of dandruff, which I do not.

  • Cynthia

    I bought this product by accident two weeks ago as I was looking for the Carefree Curl Gold Curl activator. After the first appllication I was hooked! My hair was softer, moisterized, not wet and shiny, and when I did my two strand twists twist outs, my hair was A-MA-ZING! I can go a day or so without putting the Lustrasilk Curl Max Curl Activator on my hair and stil have the softness and manageability! I’m sticking with this product. I just hope that they don’t change the formula or the stores stop selling them. BTW, this product was much cheaper than the Carefree Curl and a quarter sized amount goes a long way for my type 4e, 2-inch hair!

  • Betty

    I purchased the Curl Pudding over the weekend, tried it, as #14 message stated, when I applied, it was curly, more soft than usual and a silky feeling, but after it dried it was a bit dull looking and hard and I have very soft hair, that’s one of the reason I went natural. The directions did say to apply the moisturizer. Does the Curly Pudding and Curl Activator perfom the same purpose?

  • Lisa

    I tried the Curl Activator today and the spray.. I must say it works very well. Its not stiff or sticky. To me it works better than other products I have tried.

  • Christa

    I tried the curl pudding yesterday and for the first time I think I found a winner…My hair is really thick and my hair is a mix of waves and curls due to my Dominican and African American Mixture. Iwent from Miss Jessies’s, Carols Daughters ,Mixed chicks you name it and nothing worked they i wanted. until This Fab Product…I’m Obsessed and in LOVE!!!

  • Doshia

    I just purchased the Curl Pudding yesterday at Wal-Mart. I have shoulder length natural hair and have been wearing the two strand twist for year now. Trying to find a product that won’t be stiff, hard or flaky like some gels, not to mention alcohol free. Would like to use something with a moisturizing conditioner but no greasy build up but holds for at least a week. Now after reading the two bad reviews I am wondering if this is for me. Any suggestions?

  • Nikia

    I have used the moisturizer, and I love it. I have a jheri curl that looks natural due to the texture of my hair.This does not give u that curly smell at all. My hair is very thick, don’t need a lot, about a quarter size and it last for two days. If you use to much like with any product it will have build up or issues . I highly recommend it, over carol’s daughter, miss Jessie, n some of those other natural hair product, especially because of the price too.

  • Deidre

    I’ve been using the curl pudding for over a week, not impressed – leaves a white residue when twist are taken out, cute when wet but dull when dry – will not buy again.

  • Connie

    I purchased the light curl activator, moisturizer and curl pudding from my local Wal-greens. The results are amazing! I have 4c texture hair and I never thought I would find the perfect product for my hair. No matter what product I would use, my hair would always go back to being kinky, dry and knotty. This product is far better than any of the many products I have tried. I will continue to purchase this trio of products. My hair feels so soft and moisturized all the time now and not just for a moment like the other products did. It leaves no build-up and it has a pleasant smell. My routine is: At night, quarter size amount of light curl activator, and quarter size amount of moisturizer; cover with silk bonnet. In the morning, my hair is soft like cotton and I just add a quarter size amount of curl pudding and a lite mist of Palmer’s Pure Olive Oil Spray. Sometimes, I don’t even have to do this every night because my hair is still moisturized. Very pleased after a year of searching for the right products for my hair!

  • Nikkiecurl

    I am using the Curl Max Curl Activator right now. I LOVE it!!!! It makes my hair so soft and I don;’t have the crunch from other curl styling gels. I am getting the Curl Pudding next and see if I like that, or I am writing Lustrasilk to see if I can get it for free, lol!!

  • Nikkiemay

    I have the Curl Max Activator and it is wonderful. I have naturally curly hair, but I needed soemthing to retain moister. My curls fall and when try, they satay down, lol!! I am purchasing the curlpudding and the spray next. It leaves yur hair so soft, no crunch residue on my hair and the smell is great, but does not leave your hair smelling like you dumped a ton of product on it.

  • Hello. I have purchased and used the activator, curl spray and curly pudding. I have 3b and 3c hair depending on the location on my head. First tried all three together – 1st the activator, then the pudding and finally the spray – on wet hair. My hair became cottony, dry and dull when dried. Next time I omitted the curly pudding and hair looks and feels moisturized and curly. Unfortunately I believe the pudding does NOT work on my hair. I may try it again by itself and see what happens??? Thumbs up the the line and products but curly pudding did not work for me although now that I think about it….none of the curly puddings really work for me in ANY of the lines. For the low price I’d say..try them and see! Walmart is one of the places that carry the line.

  • Brittany

    I just purchased the Lustrasilk curly pudding and used it today. I did shampoo my hair with a clarifying shampoo before using since I some build up from the last week…I applied it while my hair was wet and almost instantly I had very cute defined curls. Once my hair dried, it was a little cruncy and dull. I used a little Cantu Shea Butter Curl Defining Cream to moisturize my hair and sealed with oil. It turned out pretty nice and will most definitely using the curly pudding again.

  • Roni

    I just bought these and really like them. They all have glycerin in them, so I don’t know how well they will do in the winter but they are perfect for summer twist outs and refreshing a wash and go…that is the only way I have tried them so far. My hair felt extra soft and was well moisturized until my next wash!! I will say this….to get the MAX twistout result, you have to wet a section of hair with water, apply the curl activator moisturizer FIRST and then add the curly pudding….your twist will puff up immediately with moisture and your twistout will look the bomb the next day. I tried a couple of twists with just the curly pudding and it didn’t give me the puffy twist. Those two products definitely go hand in hand. As for the spray, that was ok, it kind of gives you crunchy curls.

  • Amanda

    I used the pudding and it does leave a white residue in my hair like dried up gel. Guess I should’ve noticed when I unscrewed it and saw the powdery stuff on the top.

  • A.R

    I bought the lustersilk curl pudding. It smells great, not oily or greasy. The first time I used the product I did a flat twist-out and used it with a little eco gel. Once my hair dried my hair was dry and dull, as the day went on my hair began to flake really bad. I was not ready to give up on this product yet because the price is very reasonable. So, about a week later I tried the product again with a twist-out, no gel this time. As soon as I took off my satin scarf after my hair dried I noticed flaking. My hair was dry dull and not soft at all. This product may work well for someone else but it’s a no go for me, I will not purchase this again.

  • Stephanie

    I’m using the twist n’ curl spray in combination with a leave in conditioner…I LOVE the results! I was using the leave in conditoner by itself, but my hair was not shiny. Now that I’ve added the twist n’ curl spray to my regime, I’m good to go! Thanks Lustrasilk!

  • Lee

    I purchased the activator moisterizer and I am well pleased. I did my BC three weeks ago and I have used different products from Kinky curly,4 natural to shea moisterizer and no of them give me the result of lustrasilk activator moisterizer. It left my hair super soft after the application. I have no build up and its the only product so far that did not required me to wash my hair after 48 hours hours. I will invest in the curl pudding.