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Have You Tried Dry Shampoo Yet? TRESemme’s Dry Shampoo

I am a big fan of TRESemme’ . I buy their HUGE conditioners from CVS and it lasts me forever. I call them my ” detangling shampoos” I get the Moisture Rich Conditioner and sometimes the Curls Conditioner.

I got a chance to check out the Fresh Start Strengthening Dry Shampoo. I had heard about Dry Shampoos but really didn’t know much about them so I had to research.

Dry shampoo is basically something you can use as a refresher in between washes. Most of us curly ladies don’t wash our hair everyday so it’s a great way to get the oil out that develops over time when you are not cleansing.

This is was TRESemme promises:
Breathe new life into breakage-prone hair with the new Fresh Start Dry Shampoo for Strengthening—its Vitamin B12-infused formula refreshes salon-gorgeous style when you skip a shampoo. It removes oil and odor so you can have a clean, refreshed look that’s full of healthy body.
So I tried it out, taking sections of my hair and spraying the roots. I left it in for a couple of minutes and then started massaging with my fingers.

My hair definitely felt refreshed. Spraying it on my roots had a cool sensation. Not tingling or anything, but it just felt…Good lol. I don’t know how to explain it. I think refreshed is a good word for it lol. I currently don’t feel it on my roots now which is good. I don’t feel any oil after going through my scalp and rubbing.

The smell is very refreshing as well. Kind of like a really light, light citrusy fragrance.  I think this would be good especially if you went out to a club the night before or at another smokey place so your hair doesn’t smell. This would be a good deodorizer plus it will eliminate the oil.

Also, the way this feels, I would totally feel comfortable doing this on straight hair and wouldn’t feel like it would make my hair revert.

I sprayed it on my hand also just to see how it works. I rubbed it in and it is completely gone. My hand is not greasy AT ALL , not oily or anything, and not sticky…it feels as if I didn’t put anything on! My hand is completely dry. This is great to know. That means this will not cause build up on my scalp!

I am happy with this. I will definitely continue to try it out on days when I see my hair is getting oily. I previously thought this was just for caucasian girls, but I see it works on AAs too. Great job TRESemme’!

Have you ever thought about using dry shampoos?

Disclaimer: I received this product for free but was not compensated for the review nor did I HAVE to do the review.