Have you ever wanted to shape your own brows? Try Parissa

I have…and I have done it before. It’s kinda like hair to me—I can go to a salon and watch someone do someone’s hair and think, “Hmmm, thats not so hard!” So I bought a kit once to do my own brows. The process was a little sloppy but it got the job done. Now, I have found an even easier product called Parissa Mini Wax Strips. Check this out and see how easy it is:


Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 2.24.38 PM

Mini Wax Strips for Eyebrow Design: a mess-free, express hair remover that makes eyebrow waxing a breeze. Perfectly sized for shaping or maintaining brows up to 6 weeks. Clear backing and small size of wax strips allows for easy placement of strips for shaping arches or getting small hairs on fingers or toes. Includes a vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevents ingrown hair

How to:

1. Simply warm strips with fingers, press on and zip off (no heating necessary)

2. Remove hair from above brows for a clean, crisp shape

3. Apply Azulene oil post waxing to sooth skin instantly

4. Full eyebrows are fabulous–don’t remove too much

Ideal for: beginners, touch-ups & travel.

If you’ve ever wanted to do  your own brows or to do touch ups in between your appointments, you should try this out.

Check out Parissa for all of your waxing needs.