Have Big Curly Hair And Need A Halloween Costume? TV Characters Edition

Have Big Curly Hair And Need A Halloween Costume? TV Characters Edition

Every year I am on the hunt for a dope Halloween costume that is affordable! Naturally, I try to think of a celebrity or character who has big natural hair! Here are some quick and easy Halloween costumes that you can easily do without spending alot of money!

Dionne from Clueless

So this is one of my first choices. I was going to braid my hair all over and wear a big hat and plaid suit with knee highs and mary janes!  Shouldn’t cost too much at a thrift store. If you can find a friend to dress as “Cher” to come with you, it makes it even more official. Oh, and I already have the nose hoop!



Freddie from A Different World

A Different World was and still is one of my favorite shows. I still watch it a couple of days a week on TV One. Freddie was a hilarious character and was known for her big curly hair. Just wear something super quirky and it should give off the Freddie vibe. (Thanks Saundra for the idea)



Foxy Brown

Pam Grier was super hot in the 70’s! If you can fro your hair out, this would be a dope idea and people would get it! All you need is a sexy outfit. Crop top that ties would be cute!



Hillary Banks

Who didn’t love Hillary Banks!?!? She was the hilarious curly head on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air!  It’s all in the hat for Hillary. She was very classic so she usually wore skirt suits. You can add a fllower to your blazer and you will be channeling Hillary!



Lisa Turtle

If you are an 80’s baby and you grew up in the ’90’s, you probably loved Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell! She was the flyest female at Bayside High! You can rock a 90’s party dress with a vest or blazer on top and of course wear your hair half up and half down. Don’t forget the big earrings!

0926lisa-turtle_fa Saved by the Bell


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