Hanging In Downtown Decatur + Ice Cream Goodness

Hanging In Downtown Decatur + Ice Cream Goodness

I love exploring the Atlanta area. I hadn’t been down to Decatur in awhile so I thought it would be cool to spend some free time in Downtown Decatur with my friend Crystal!

We wanted to check out two ice cream spots and it’s essentially still hot af in Atlanta so we’ll be eating yummy ice cream for another couple of months!

I had never tried Butter & Cream before but OMG I have been missing out. I found them on Instagram and saved it in my “Places go try” folder.

I got the OG Goodness mixed with Coffee. The lady said OG Goodness was the fan favorite and it was amazing.

Definitely stop by and spend the day hanging in Downtown Decatur. It’s so many cute restaurants and shops.

**Photo credit: Crystal from Just The King’s