Halley’s Curls Candy Curls

YAY! So I am so happy and excited that I won some hair from Halley’s Curls on Twitter. They asked for ideas for contests to give away hair…so I tweeted them with an idea and they basically said that the real contest was the first person to tweet an idea wins!! How awesome is that?!! I have been itching to try Halley’s Curls for awhile now- I have been eyeing Creole Curly and Creole Wavy. They ended up just introducing a new hair type called “Candy Curls” and I won that! The hair is GORGEOUS! Let me tell you….so serious! The hair is so pretty and I am so excited to try it out and get my Protective Styling on. My hair definitely needs a break. I wanted to show yall some pics of the hair out the pack.

So this is what it looks like out the pack, but as always, you need to wash the hair to see the true texture so its not so “perfect, perfect” curls and looks more realistic. When washed, it looks like this…

So right now, I am debating getting the hair dyed or not…at least a couple of tracks to match my hair and then the rest can be dark brown so it can resemble my hair thats on the bottom…or just putting  a rinse on my hair to get it to match the dark brown hair…so confused on what to do!?! I’m going to leave a small horseshoe out and the perimeter of my hair so I can pull it back if I want to. I plan to get it installed within the next 3 weeks and am super excited. I know this hair is going to look good. Since it is cooling down, I shouldn’t have an issue with blending. I will straighten my hair and then use rods to mimic the same curls. Of course I will keep you all posted on the install. ttys

Thanks again to Halley’s Curl’s for having this contest.

Sidenote: If you have a fav hair company/products, follow them on Twitter. You will be amazed at the things you can find on twitter…from exclusive Twitter discounts to FREE products…even follow your favorite beauty salons- I’ve seen some great deals there too.