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Hairstylin’ : Rod Set On Tapered Cut

Hairstylin’ : Rod Set On Tapered Cut


A couple of weeks ago at Bronner Bros, I was chatting with AskpRoy and how since I cut my hair, I have had a hard time rodding my hair. It is VERY difficult (to me) with short hair. I have seen the spiraling method, and I tried it before and it was a fail so I gave up. lol I asked pRoy to show me on a mannequin that was at the Creme of Nature booth. I told her I would go home and try it.

It wasn’t too bad this time around. I finger coiled the shorter hair and used 3 different sizes of rods on the top longer portion.


I sat under the dryer for about 40 minutes. I HATE sitting under the dryer. Also, I was pressed for time so unfortunately my hair didn’t fully dry. I always run into this issue :/ I took them out and got these beautiful curls:


From there I separated the curls to get the final look. I will say, it would’ve looked better if I let my hair dry completely :/  I just have to start earlier in the day so I can sit under the dryer to fully let my hair dry.


I definitely like the curls of the larger rods. I will use those more and finger coil the shorter sides since I really can’t do too much else with it.

Here is a video of AskpRoy so you can see the spiral method: