Hair Typing- Should we stop using it?

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This really brought up alot. I can go on for days about this. I know there are conversations everyday about “Good Hair” . It’s never going to go away. I really do think that hair typing is one of the culprits.

What does hair typing do for you? The only way I see that it could be helpful is looking for someone who has a similar hairtype as me to get ideas on styling and hair products.  Now, because I have been natural awhile, I definitely know that because someone has the same “hair type” as me, doesn’t necessarily mean (and usually doesn’t mean) that what works for them might not work for me.

On the flipside, why do I need to know someone’s hair type? What better way to find out if someone’s hair type is similar, then let’s say…ummmm…LOOKING at their hair. I can look at someone’s hair and see if its similar before I even need to see what they categorize themself as. But once again, I completely understand that our hair is like a snowflake…no 2 heads are exactly alike–maybe similar but not alike.

Why do I think hair typing divides us? So I was in a debate/conversation on twitter with another blogger because she was upset that whenever there is someone natural in Essence , it is someone with a looser texture. Okay, I dig that…But, my whole issue is, why can’t we be happy that they are featuring ANYONE natural…why do we have to once again break us down into the Kinky vs Curly groups? Magazines and Advertisements are starting to show alot of natural women. Why can’t we just be happy period? In time, these publications and commercials will start to show more kinkier haired women. Everything is a process. I see people make a fuss about it all the time. First we ask that more natural women are featured and when they do start to feature some natural women, then we have more complaints. In time, we will get to that point. We as African American women can’t even accept all hair types, so how can we expect the media to do it overnight? There are 2 types of hair categories- relaxed and natural. We don’t divide relaxed women so why should we divide natural women.

People are obsessed with hair typing to the point that on some forums people will post their pics and ask the natural hair internet world to tell them their hair type. Is it really that important? Thats like saying, “I don’t know my complexion. Please tell me my type! Am I Cafe Au Lait, Caramel, or Coffee?” It’s irrelevant and alot of people do it and hope and pray that people don’t say anything in the 4’s. As soon as someone says 4’s, I see an upset response. And oh no, not to mention the another internet “drama” going on- saying you are one hair type and then everyone slamming the person and telling them what their “real” type is.

Let’s not divide ourselves any more. First complexion, and now hair. What are your thoughts?