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Hair Style Ideas- Design Essentials Does Mohawks, Locs, & Curls at the World Natural Hair Show in ATL

I got a chance to stop by the Design Essentials display as well as go to the class to learn about their natural hair products and how to do some awesome styles. I have been a fan of Design Essentials for years. When I used to get my hair straightened at Too Groovy in Atlanta, they always used Design Essentials and I had the bounciest hair that reverted when I washed it. It made it shiny, kept it frizz free, and protected my hair from heat damage.

They did 3 tutorials that day. All of the hairstyles included their natural hair system which includes:

  • Natural Curl Cleanser
  • Natural Moisturizing Conditioner
  • Daily Moisturizing Lotion
  • Natural Defining Creme Gel
  • Natural Curl Stretching Cream

The class was amazing. It was very hands on for the people that really wanted to get great experience. After the instructor was showing how to do steps in detail, she invited people on stage to practice on the mannequin. Check out the hairstyles that they showed us:

This model had a flexi rod set

The curls were then pulled apart carefully to not create frizz

Next up: Beautiful bantu knot out/updo with locs

Next: Twist-Bantu knot out.

The stylist pulled out the twist gently leaving full, defined hair. I loved this because her hair reminded me of my own. Since her hair is longer, it is a little difficult for her and ladies like myself to wear mohawks because our hair falls all over the place. The master stylist showed me how to pin the hair by gathering it in the middle to create the illusion that it is shorter so you can really get the mohawk effect without your longer hair flopping all over the sides.

I had a great time learning how to do these awesome styles with the Design Essential products. I got the set to try it out so I will be doing a review video and blog post so look out for that.

For more information on Design Essentials products, please go tot their website