Hair Streamer!!

Everytime I go to a salon and get my hair flat ironed (which is like 3 times a year), they put me under a steamer like this.

Hair Steamer

I sit under the steamer for about 20 minutes and my hair detangles like a breeze. It’s super smooth and it doesn’t change the texture of your hair.  It is really big in Atlanta and every salon that caters to natural hair has them.  The bad thing is , it cost an extra $20!!!!  (I never understood why people charge you an extra $20 for a deep conditioner when they aren’t doing anything but letting you sit under the dryer for an extra 20 minutes and they get a break! lol.)  So basically, everytime anyone goes to the salon and spends that extra 20, I could buy my own steamer in 6 times that I go to a shop. So….I decided I’m going to buy my own. Its 129.00 at and I have heard great reviews. Once I get one, I will probably do it once a week so the deep conditioner can really penetrate into my hair shaft. Plus..I’m getting color soon so I will really need to keep it healthy. Have you all tried steamers? What do you think about them?

Alternative:   Put a towel in really hot water, wring it out, and wrap it around your hair when it has conditioner in it     OR    Go into the steam room at the gym with conditioner in your hair