Hair Straightened- Corioliss K2 Review

Hi Ladies!!! I have straightened my hair which I haven’t done since probably the Spring. I was very excited to try out the new Corioliss K2.

The iron was very easy to use. It was pretty self explanatory how to put the Argan Oil in the iron. Also, it was digital and you could choose between 4 temperatures. It heated up fairly quickly as well. The majority of the time I kept it on 410 degrees and then toward my kinkier parts of my hair I put it on 430 degrees (which is not the highest it goes). I only passed the iron through once per small section. Around the top where my hair is kinkier, I did much smaller sections . The key is small sections AND blowing your hair out as straight as possible prior to straightening.

That evening I did two braids  like the picture above and put flexirods on the end and put my bonnets on. Yes, bonnets with an “s”. I sleep kinda wild and they always fall off.

The next day, I took them out and prepared for a cocktail event. I attended my cousins event, Frank Ski’s 9th Annual Wine Tasting & Auction in Atlanta.

I haven’t had to dress up in awhile so I was really excited! The braid with the flexi-rod gave me an “Old Hollywood” type of style.

And here is at the event: Why am I looking down?? lol With Tiffini of, Arkeedah of and Courtney of

I am very pleased with the results!! Video will be coming soon. I just get tied up alot so hopefully should have it edited and uploaded by mid-week.


curly comments!

  • DiJah

    Yes!! the braid/ flexi rod combo paired with the red lips is definitely giving me Old Hollywood tease. So beautiful!

  • That’s so Mariah! Beautiful 🙂

  • Love this look! You look so glamorous!

  • Yaaaay! So pretty…I love it… I wanna hear more about this argan oil on the iron process…sounds interesting!

  • Chelsea l

    In comparison to your previous flat iron, do you think Corioliss is a great buy for the results provided? Do you think you would have gotten the same results with your old flat iron? I feel similar to you in that good flat iron results depends on working in small section and “blowing out” the hair thoroughly.