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Hair Show Shenanigans + Playing With My Hair

Hair Show Shenanigans + Playing With My Hair


It’s been almost a month since I cut my hair and I am still learning. I have been working out almost every single day so I haven’t really been styling my hair besides wash & gos. I had been doing wash & gos every 2 days (I should probably do it everyday since I’m sweating everyday). That has been my regimen since I got my hair cut.

This weekend I decided to get up “early” before I headed to the hair show to do social media for Creme of Nature and wash my hair, and do a twist out with rollers on the end. On the sides and back I did finger coils for the first time. I sat under the dryer thinking it would only be 30 mins since my hair is so short….unfortunately not! After 30 minutes I was still wet. So my theory was totally incorrect. (After chatting with several short curly girls at the hair show, the dry time isn’t drastically cut down from long hair).

Well, since I was in a rush, my hair didn’t completely dry so my results were NOT want I wanted but everyone thought it was still cute. It was just the front that bothered me lol. I still have a few straight pieces in the very front so I have to make sure that sets. Well here are the picks from Saturday:


The awkward parts are from where I tried to do flat twists that morning lol. The parts didn’t go away.

IMG_8409 I took the images for Creme of Nature’s social media channel and AskPRoy and NaturalNeiicey were the guests- bloggers who hosted at their booth!


Since I have cut my hair, I have definitely been stalking PRoy’s Youtube channel to get tips on this hair cut!!


This was my first time meeting NaturalNeiicey and she was super sweet.

Later that evening I was a “Expert” at the Glam University Girl Power Sleepover! I got a chance to talk to women about their business ideas and give them tips on growing in the digital space.


The owner of Jones & Rose had a pop up shop so I picked up some goodies that smell and feel sooooo good! Check her out. She has skin products like scrubs, oils and body washes.IMG_8542

On Sunday, I took chunks of hair and did twists with a roller on the end. I felt waayyy better about my hair on Sunday  lol.




It’s definitely a learning process. So now I know- I need at least 1 hour under the dryer. Also, I am thinking of going shorter on the sides and back but we’ll see.