Hair On The Streets! Episode 1 and 2

I hope some of you have gotten a chance to see my “Hair On The Streets” where I see women out and about who have natural hair and do a quick interview. I was hoping to do them weekly but haven’t really been able to. So now I keep my Flip Camera on me at all times….I never know who I will run into!  (I’m around an AMAZING hair stylist on set and am trying to get an interview!!! )   Anyway, how do you all like the concept? Is there anything I should add or do differently? I am looking for input.

Episode 1

Episode 2


curly comments!

  • Such beautiful hair in these 2 videos lol!! Very inspiring, I picked up some tips from watching these too. Thank you for sharing them!

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  • cody

    Great job! These interviews are awesome!

  • Crystal aka Vickyvue on Youtube

    It is ALWAYS so refreshing to see beautiful black women embrace their God given beautiful tresses, loved all the styles, textures, and even quick product reviews. Go Lexi! Love it, keep the positivity comin’ girly.