Hair On The Street- Fly hairstyle Essence weekend

So I ran into this lady on the streets of New Orleans right outside of Carol’s Daughter and her hairstyle was absolutely soooo cute. I’m definitely going to copy off of her style. So I did ask her if I could take a pic, but I didn’t ask her if I could post on my blog so I cut her face out.

Look at the tiny braids. I bet this style lasts awhile. After I get my weave in a couple of weeks, I think I am going to try this. I am looking for more long term styles (long term as in can last me 2 weeks).

I saw several thousand women with natural hair that weekend, but this style really stood out to me. I hope to be able to achieve a similar style that will last awhile…but I am a little tenderheaded so I don’t know if I can do cornrows that small, but we’ll see.