Hair Expectations…

I recently talked to Pooh of FamilyGoingNatural and I saw her old video about “Follow The Leader Method”. This is sooo true. Check out her video

I recently saw in a forum that Lady A started a regimen with Lady B and they started with the same length. As time goes by, Lady A’s hair is shorter than Lady B’s hair. Why would we be upset because we did the exact same regimen as the next girl and didn’t get the same results? It kind of bothers me that we still don’t get it. We don’t get that what worked for one person may not work for you. When we jump on bandwagons we kind of set ourself up for failure because we have these high expectations because Lady C has waist length hair so if we do what she does, we think we will too. Its the comparing thing that gets me. I don’t compare my hair texture or length to anyone else because I don’t want to be disappointed.

Hair texture and length is determined by genetics and health (exercising, hormones, eating habits, prescription drugs etc..) …and NOT by Lady B’s regimen. I’m not saying Lady B’s regimen can’t help you retain length or get your hair healthier, but just to keep an open mind. I’ve seen several posts where women get upset because they have been using different people’s methods and they aren’t getting the desired results.

Keep an open mind and don’t raise expectations based on every single new regimen that comes out with a female with long hair.