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Hair Color Trends: Get Vibrant Colors With Streekers

Hair Color Trends: Get Vibrant Colors With Streekers

I am so into this dip dye trend! I want to do it and luckily I have a job where I could do purple or blue or pink on the ends. So now that I have extensions in that are blonde as well, this might be the time for me to do something funky with them a la Teyana Taylor! We’ll see…

Now enters Streekers! This offers an easy way to add that fun pop of color to your hair temporarily. I think that was the thing I was nervous about at first. I want a pop of color for fun, but I will need to make sure it doesn’t stay forever.  This has a sponge tip application and comes in 8 shades: pink, blue, ultra violet, red, green, yellow, orange, purple.

Kristina Barricelli, Creative Consultant for Streekers suggests:

    “If you want brightly colored dip-dyed ends, grab a Streeker in your preferred color and saturate the tips with the sponge applicator. I suggest using an index card to ensure that color is evenly distributed and so it stays off your fingertips. Allow the product to dry and then lightly brush through it so it looks soft and touchable. This look is huge with celebrities.”

If you want a pop of pink, blue, purple etc. Grab a small section of hair and drench it in your desired color. Wait for it to dry and then braid that piece with two others for a fresh look that is on trend but not overdone.

So this is seriously something I want to try. They said if you have lighter hair like mine, I would need to shampoo 2 or 3 times to get the color out. Sounds like fun! I will try it out one weekend and let you know how it went! …I’m thinking I will go with the pink!

Would you ever put bright colors in your hair?