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Hair Color By Rachel Redd!

Hair Color By Rachel Redd!

Okay, as you all know, I stay with my hair in the blonde tones..BUT I also let it grow out ALOT! lol I don’t like to get my hair colored too much and I am so not  a every 6-8 week type of girl. That’s too much work and too much to think about. So I generally let it grow out for months until I am tired of the dark, dark brown roots.

photo 1
Hair half way blown out

I saw Lawrence from Housewives of Atlanta tweet about a colorist that works at the salon by the name of Rachel Redd! I checked out her Instagram (check her out HERE) and I was blown away. I was amazed at how great she was at color and she isn’t afraid to do fun colors. Most stylist I go to are nervous to dye my hair or can’t give me the results promised.

I reached out to her and set up a consultation months ago before I got my last extensions. She said she wanted to lighten up my roots a little bit and throw in some highlights and gradually go lighter to my desired shade. I loved that she was concerned about the health of my hair and didn’t want to do too much at once.

So last week I decided to set up my appt. It was amazing! She was pretty quick too. I told her what I wanted, she told me the expectations of what it would be and it worked out great!

My roots are no longer dark black and standing out 🙂 . She also lightened up the back and little and threw in some highlights back there as well. I love the multi-tonal blonde effect.

photo 2


photo 1

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I was going to go a little bit lighter but I actually might like it where it is. I’m not quite sure yet. If I do, I might just get some lighter highlights and keep the base like it is.

I love the results!!!

If you are in ATL and want color, reach out