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Great Ingredients For Your Hair And Their Benefits

Great Ingredients For Your Hair And Their Benefits

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Everyone knows what ingredients to look for in hair products, but a lot of people don’t really know why those ingredients are great or what they actually do to the hair.  Personally, I like to know the exact benefits so I can make sure I get products that work well for my hair, specifically.

A ton of ingredients are used in products to promote hair growth, prevent dry scalp, add luster to your hair, prevent damage from heat, and more!! I teamed up with Motions to put together the below short informational guide on the awesome benefits of some great ingredients used in their products:

Shea Butter- Probably one of the most popular ingredients for hair and skin. It moisturizes your dry scalp and helps to prevent dandruff. For your hair, it restores luster, prevents breakage, and protects from the environmental elements (sun, etc…)

Shea Butter can be found in the following Motions products: Straight Finish Cleanser, Lavish Shampoo, Define My Curls Crème, Define My Curls Pudding

Soy Bean Oil- Hydrates and adds moisture to dry hair! It helps to nourish and strengthen your hair while helping to prevent breakage.

Motions Straight Finish Cleanser includes Soy Bean Oil

Sweet Almond Oil- promotes hair growth! It increases circulation in your scalp and it also nourishes your hair.

Motions formulas featuring Sweet Almond Oil include:  Oil Sheen, Straight Finish Sealer

Coconut Oil- Conditions your hair and adds shine!

The Motions Straight Finish Conditioner, Define My Curls Crème and Hydrate My Curls Pudding includes Coconut Oil.

Argan Oil- Helps prevent frizz for us ladies who have curly/coily/kinky hair!

Argan Oil can be found in the Motions Straight Finish Conditioner and Straight Finish Sealer

Keratin Protein- Keratin actually helps to repair damage and acts as a temporary barrier to prevent heat damage on the hair shaft.

The formulas in all three Motions Straight Finish products includes Keratin Protein.

Silk Protein- Adds luster and manageability to your hair.

Silk Protein can be found in the Motions Lavish Shampoo

Avocado Oil –  Promotes hair growth and moisturizes hair.

Motions products including Avocado Oil: Moisture Plus Conditioner, Define My Curls Crème, Define My Curls Pudding

Honey– It’s basically food for your hair. It nourishes and protects your hair + makes it shiny!!

The Moisture Plus Conditioner includes Honey.

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This post was created in sponsorship with Motions® Hair Care, a product line by Unilever.