Guide To Great Bras + Swimsuits for DD+ Ladies

Guide To Great Bras + Swimsuits for DD+ Ladies

I have been outside the average bra sizes since I was maybe 20 years old. In middle school I was a C cup and it kept growing from there. As I added on weight, I added on cup sizes. I am currently a 34-36 G…thats right “G” cup.

I used to go to Victoria’s Secret and get measured. Whatever my measurements were, they would always say I am a DDD…Why? Because thats the largest cup size they had. So I had the horrible spillage when your bra doesn’t fit and you are spilling out the top.

Not until I went to Intimacy Lingerie store in Atlanta did I know my true size. At the time was measured at a 34G which I have been for about 4 years. So then the issue is “Where do I get bras? And where can I get them on sale?”

While Intimacy is great and I still frequent the store, their least expensive bra is about $60 so don’t think you are going there and getting any $30 bras. However, I will say that I went a couple of weeks ago for one of their big sales. I got about 4 bras all $35 and under! The bras were 50% off and 75% off! I also purchased a full-priced sports bra in cup sizes that I am so glad I did!

My favorite DDD+ brands are Freya, Panache, and Fantasie. Their bras aren’t boring and they have a huge variety!

So let me break down my favorite places to get bras:

Figleaves– Figleaves is my favorite, favorite place for bras and swimsuits. It is UK based and the shipping to the US is only $4.95 and it doesn’t take too long. Just don’t order at the last minute when you have somewhere to go. Sign up for the mailing lists and purchase when they have sales going on (which is quite frequent)

eBay! Yes eBay! No it’s not used bras. You buy from buyers who sell BNWT (brand new with tags). They are usually lingerie shops. I purchase from the UK based bra shops. Alot of bra brands for larger chests are based in the UK so I guess they get better deals and can sell them for cheaper. My favorite eBayer   BelleLingerie  <– They always offer sales on certain brands too.

Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack & Hautelook– Nordstrom and their other brands sell bras for ladies with bigger busts. Hit up Nordstrom Rack’s lingerie section. I found a couple in my size not too long ago about 30% off.  I rarely find ones I like in my size on sale, but from time to time I get GREAT steals there.  And Hautelook from time to time will have sales on the lingerie brands for us. Late last year I got about 7 bras only to find out that I should’ve gone up a band size so none of them fit 🙁 .

ASOS – they sell alot of the same brands too! And they always have sales so I steadily check the sale section in my bra size! Great deals on the bikinis by bra size too!

Amazon–  Amazon is great! Just search by your bra size. From time to time to you will see sales too. Alot of vendors will have free shipping too which is always a plus for me. I’m obsessed with Amazon.

If you order from any UK based sites, order early. The shipment could get held up in customs, etc…so don’t wait. I purchased a bathing suit before I went to Jamaica in what I thought was ample time…and the day before I left it still didn’t arrive so I had no choice but to purchase a full prized bathing suit for over $100 at a local store 🙁

Make sure you get properly measured too! If you have an Intimacy near you, go there or any other local bra shop (NO Vicky’s Secret!! lol). Once you are properly measured, then you can purchase online and save money.

No matter where you purchase from, look for sales!!

Here is my latest purchases for swimwear:

This Panache Set (Click on the pictures to get the deets on each piece) – I really liked this. Especially the bottoms

sw0731pan image1xxl


Here is one I got from FigLeaves 3 or 4 years ago that I love! I look super huge in it lol


Here is what I am about to purchase (once I find a good price lol) for this summer. Since I am losing weight (around my belly) I totally plan to be in a bikini this summer!

Freya Showboat Bandeau Top and Freya Showboat High-Waisted Bikini Bottom

image1xxl-2 image1xxl-1


I am really feeling the retro look! I love the high-waisted look. High-waisted to me only looks good if you have a toned body (not skinny, but toned) If I try to wear it now, I will have super muffin top so I am waiting until I slim down in my waist and its toned so there will be no hanging over.  I can’t wait to get and rock this this summer!

Oh, you know who else has swimsuits?! Monif C!! Her swimsuits are sooo cute! She sells plus sized clothing and swimwear. Her convertible dresses are super popular! I bought one a couple of years ago at her pop up shop in New Orleans during Essence. Because they don’t sell by bra size, I always have trouble. I am always unsure of what size to get on the top. I don’t want it to fit in the cups but then be loose in the back so IDK. I will look into it though.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 6.49.05 PM


Where do you go to purchase your bras + swimsuits if you have a larger bust?