Got color? Curly Hair Goes Teal, Fuchsia, Purple, etc….

I have always loved the trend of putting a splash of color in natural hair–I don’t mean a splash of medium brown…I’m talking COLOR like turquoise, green, purple, pink, etc… I know it might sound weird to some but I think it is fly.’s not for everyone but it is definitely a fun look.

The first time I saw “cool” colors and curls was of course Kelis when I was in high school. First the pink in her first music video and then she went on to do several different colors.



Here is Teyana Taylor with Blue just on the bottom

Hey! It’s temporary so I love it! Like I said, I don’t expect everyone to think it is cute, but I definitely think it is cute and different. I tried to put fuchsia on top of my blonde color sophomore year, but on top of my color, my hair ended up looking just red #Fail

The inspiration for this post came from Sherita of Perfectly-Pretty. I am in LOVE with her new teal color. Check it out.


curly comments!

  • i loved kelis’ with the original blonde/pink 😀

  • nita

    I saw the lady in the last pic at walmart this past weekend! The only reason I remember is bc of that teal streak. Looks nice on her.

  • Asia

    Kelis inspired me to go natural, even though I really didn’t know about natural way back when in high school. I remember going around to salons saying I want hair like Kelis!

  • I meet Sherita over the summer! I absolutely love her hair 🙂