“Good Hair” Panel with Chris Rock and Nia Long

Sooooo…I got to see a 10 minute clip of this documentary at the Hair Show. Chris Rock was there and Nia Long on a panel. It seemed to be the consensus that alot of us natural hair people weren’t feeling it. I will say, everyone was laughing the entire time. It was definitely funny, but I think they definitely missed some key issues. They didn’t get into natural hair at all. They got into “Creamy Crack” and $2,000 weaves…but not about natural hair. I was kind of disappointed. Nia didn’t make it any better. It seems like her view of the doc was to make women comfortable to say they have weaves. Who cares? Women are comfortable….its HOLLYWOOD Black women that aren’t comfortable. So I give it to her that she can say, “Hey, I have a weave and I am proud”, but what they aren’t getting is, what messages are they teaching their children. I’m watching the kids get off the bus stop and this girl in ELEMENTARY school had a full weave….not micro braids or cornrows..but a straight Yaki weave. WTF?? Why do parents give up or give in to their children so easily?

 Who woulda thunk it…”Good Hair”, a documentary about Weave? hmmmmmm…..

I really wanted to ask Nia and Chris a question, but I figured I would get sooo much backlash because everyone in there had weaves or were stylists who did weaves. I wanted to ask why there was no Natural Hair presence. They kept making it a point that slavery started all of our hair issues…but I didn’t see anything about the cause in the short excerpt which I doubt they get into. If they did, they would have to touch on natural hair.  As slaves, the wavy or curly haired slaves were treated better than the kinkier haired slaves…and they ALL wanted hair like the white women. From there, our natural texture was perceived as ugly…therefore we have perms and weave to attain what some people are looking for. It all starts with natural hair.

I’m not agaisnt weaves and I wear them from time to time (about to put one in soon), but mine is more so I can give my hair a rest….not to front like its my hair. Plus anyone who has seen my hair before will know it is obviously not my hair.

All in all, I still suggest everyone go see this movie. It is definitely hillarious, but just to give the heads up–its all about black women and weaves.

Oh yeah, another disappointing thing about Nia…she kept saying “Good Hair is all Hair”….umm no. Someone’s hair that you purchased, you cannot front off as “Good Hair”. Sorry Nia. Who are you trying to make feel better-It sounds like she is trying to make herself feel better about wearing a weave. She is trying to make it right in her head. No, you just a weave. Who cares??  To me, Healthy hair is GOOD HAIR.

Comes out this October