Good and Bad Hair

So I absolutely love Spike Lee’s School Daze. My favorite scene since I was little was at Madame ReRe’s.  “Good and Bad Hair”.  I was watching it the other day and realized that both sides had natural hair so what was the big deal? “The Wannabes” tended to have more curls while the “Jigaboos” had more coils and kinks. Both sides embraced their natural textures, yet they quarreled about who had better hair.

 I hate the term “Good Hair”. What does that mean? Good hair is healthy hair in my book!   See video below. Start at 37 seconds


curly comments!

  • Bonnie Williams

    I loved that movie as well and I agree good hair is any texture that’s healthy because let me tell you nothing angers me more than watching some woman swinging around long hair that looks like hay I rather have 5 inches of healthy shiny hair than 20 something inches of some mess that looks like it needs to be shot with deep moisturizing bullets.