Going Green With @Target! #MadeToMatter

Going Green With @Target! #MadeToMatter


I have been looking into healthier alternatives to my everyday life. Whether it’s in cooking, what I put on my skin or what I put in my hair. I haven’t fully transitioned and now I am in the researching stage. I want to live a healthier lifestyle and there are so many products on the market that I am unsure of what to get.

I am so happy that Target curated a bag with hand-picked organic items to send to some bloggers. (Thanks Pacifica for thinking of me).

This bag had everything I needed to try out. This was perfect for me to be introduced to brands and products that are safe.

Everything Target hand-picked was natural and organic. When I posted videos on Instagram Stories, I got so many responses to my video with people saying they have tried out the brands and that I will love them. I literally have people co-sign most of the items in the box!

Bitsy’s Brainfood


Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Shea Moisture




The Honest Co.

Organics Happy Family

Seventh Generation


Yes To



Nature’s Path Organic

What brands have you tried out before?