Giving During The Holidays- Carrie Steele-Pitts Home And Solomon Temple

Giving During The Holidays- Carrie Steele-Pitts Home And Solomon Temple

I decided not to go home this Christmas. I just kinda wanted to be by myself and be in my own home. I have always wanted to serve during Christmas but it’s hard to do that when you are with your family. I have done service during the Thanksgiving holiday, but not during Christmas!

The Friday before Christmas, I joined We Are The New Atlanta which is an organization for teen entrepreneurs all over Metro Atlanta. I am very inspired by the founder of this group MIlan. She is a very mature, giving young lady who recently graduated high school (early). She is putting together service opportunities and her mission is teenagers helping teenagers.

I gathered up a ton of brand new hair products and makeup and headed to the Carrie Steele Pitts foster home in Atlanta. I was familiar with the organization because I attended a gala fundraiser for them with Sarah-Elizabeth Reed, the First Lady of Atlanta. I was happy to be able to attend the center.

When I arrived, I had no idea how large the campus was. There were multiple dorms and buildings. It was very nice. We met up with about 20 teenagers ranging from 12-21. I was really excited about this particular opportunity because I feel like teenagers are generally missed during the holidays. There are always a ton of toy dropoffs for little ones, but the teenagers alot of times are overlooked.

All of the volunteers

I was overjoyed to see so many happy teenagers who were willing to engage with us (you know how teenagers can be lol).

Each of the teenagers got up and said their name and what they want to do for a living. One kid, reluctant to get up, stood up and said “My name is Karlous Miller and I work with Nick Cannon on a show called Wild’n’out”. I could tell he was the jokester of the group. Well, I happen to know Karlous Miller from the MTV show Wild’N’Out. I called him really quickly and asked if I could facetime him. He said sure and Karlous talked to the young man. He was so excited to be able to talk to him on Facetime. It made me so happy that I could make someone happy by a simple phone call.

I had an amazing time that day. We served hot chocolate, cookies, brownies and more. We played games, the kids danced, and it was like a fun afternoon day Christmas party.

Christmas Day

I saw a last minute opportunity on Christmas Eve with Black Celebrity Giving to do Christmas breakfast at the Solomon Temple homeless shelter in East Point/Atlanta for women/children. I hopped on the opportunity and brought some festive tablecloths and headed out at 9am Christmas morning.


I met so many great people and the women and children were so appreciative that we came to serve breakfast early in the morning.

We had chicken and waffles, eggs, potatoes, pork and turkey sausage, grits and more. The Cheesecake Factory even donated a large pumpkin cheesecake sheet. There was a ton of food and people could come back for more.

img_3157-1 img_3156-1

We had a good volunteer group for Christmas morning and we were able to kick off Christmas day right feeding several families.


Please check out these organizations. I volunteer with Black Celebrity Giving alot and they are a great organization. This was my first time at the Carrie Steele-Pitts home and at the Solomon Temple but I definitely plan on going back there.

If you have a teenager, please check out The New Atlanta. They represent the next generation of leaders.