Giveaway time!! Sponsored by Boutique De Bandeaux CLOSED

I am happy to offer another giveaway to my readers!   DETAILS ON HOW TO ENTER BELOW

Boutique De Bandeaux is giving away a Pink Jewel Headband.

Here are the specs from their site:

L’Egerie, or “The Muse”, is the first in Boutique de Bandeaux’s new line of elastic headbands.

A sparkling array of multi-faceted soft pink jewels line this piece’s wide base. Its thick design makes L’Egerie well equipped to hold big hair in place and out of your face! Attached is a pink band of stretchy cotton elastic made for a comfy, secure fit.

Because “La Egerie” is made to glisten in sunlight & hold your tresses back in sticky weather, it’s ideal for stylish wear in this summer.

Length: 21″ – 23″ elastic (made to fit average size heads)
Width: 2 inches at its widest point, gradually tapering down to 1/2″ at the sides.
Model: Kyra Climbingbear

For more details on this particular headband or for other headbands, go to their site Boutique de Bandeaux

I was just having a convo yesterday that my hair is too big and usually “hides” my headbands. This is definitely still shown and looks amazing! I want one myself lol.

So how do you enter:

Its easy!! Just respond on this blog saying “Enter me” and whatever else you want to say.

You have another chance to enter as well via Twitter. For your second entry please put:

I just entered @CurlyGirlLexi ‘s contest to win a Pink Jewel headband from @BDBandeaux  #naturalhair For more details
Just copy and paste it into your Twitter.
Good luck ladies!!
ENDS Friday 9/24th at 11:59pm EST

You must be in the states!

Thanks to Boutique de Bandeaux for sponsoring this contest.


curly comments!

  • Enter me!! 🙂

  • Kim Y

    Enter me! Thanks!

  • Shaun

    Enter me…

    That head band is gorgeous. Even if I don’t win I am so going to purchase one.

  • Dee

    “Enter Me” I am in need of some new Headbrands for the winter, so my buns will look FLY!….lol do people still say FLY ?

  • manda

    Enter me!

  • Enter me…

    This is gorgeous. If I had a job to pay for one I would buy it! I really would like to sport this for my birthday next month

  • Kimberly

    Please Enter Me!!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

  • Angel Green-Cholke

    Please enter me!!

  • Enter Me Please! Thank you!

  • Dana Pinkney

    Please enter me!

  • Daphne Channel

    Enter Me

    This Band is Fabulous! I have been Natural for almost two years now and am struggling with stylish ways to where my Big Beautiful Curls..this band would be just right for me to set off the POOF PUFF


  • jlowman1

    Enter Me!


  • Shirena Cunningham

    Enter Me! I’ve got big hair that needs to win the war with headbands also!

  • Enter me!

  • Tawanna Easter

    Enter me!

  • Mrs.Kalita S. Head

    Enter Me!!!!

  • Sweet Dominique

    Enter Me

  • Erika

    ENTER ME!!!

  • Lacey

    Enter me

    Thanks Lexi! 🙂

  • Enter me! I absolutely LOVE that band!!

  • Please enter me! I love this headband!

  • Leah Z.

    Enter me!

  • Enter me! Gorgeous head band.

  • Enter me please! 🙂

  • Crystal

    Enter me!

  • Enter me!

  • Farrah

    Enter me! That is a nice head band.

  • MyCheri


  • Enter Me! I need the gorgeous pretty pink in my life!

  • Tenisha

    Enter me! Thanks, so excited!

  • Enter me! That headband is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  • Enter me

    Enter me

  • enter me! I absolutely love headbands

  • Enter me please!
    I will tweet it too @ Missjessicat

  • LaToya S.

    Enter Me, please!

  • Roz

    Enter me! Please

  • Andrea

    Enter me!

  • Kanisha

    Enter Me!
    Omgosh that headband is to die for!! Pink is my favorite color. Even if I don’t win, I will most definitely be ordering one

  • ChrsLVsbks

    Enter me
    I want one since you mentioned your hair does not swallow it. I have the same problem sometimes.

  • ENTER ME!!!!!! WOO HOO! ^_^

  • brandee

    Enter me!!

  • Isoke

    Enter Me…Thanks!

  • Enter Me!

  • Aww so sad it’s only for US residents… 🙁

  • cassandra

    Please enter me & thank you in advance 😉

  • LaNise


  • Taci

    Enter me please! Thanks!

  • Taci
  • Mitsy

    Enter me! My fro could use a little ice…

  • Allison West

    Enter me, please!

  • Candace Carpenter

    Enter me!!!

    Do they come in different colors or children sizes?

  • Ashley

    Enter Me

  • Enter Me. Love this!

  • Cara Butler

    Enter ME!

  • Danielle Battle


  • Lynelle

    Enter me please. I would look absolutely magnificent in this hair jewelry. Oh and I love the color pink!!!

  • Enter Me!! I love and am the proud owner of one of her headbands!

  • Latashia Smith

    Enter me Enter me Enter me!!!

  • Ariel Jones

    Oh Enter Me, please! my hair’s not quite big enough yet, but my little sister has some big natural hair!

  • Cassandria

    Enter Me.

  • Suzette

    Enter me. Too cute!

  • Alex

    Enter me. Please! Thank You!

  • Marsha

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  • Amenda

    enter me

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    Enter me!

  • Tameka

    Enter me

  • CarnivaLuva

    Enter me!!!! The headband is be-a-utiful!


    Enter Me Please!!

    I think it is absolutly gorgeous. Pluse pink is my favorite color…lol.

  • Enter me, please. I have three daughters who are always “borrowing” my headbands. I can always use another one!

  • Kiarah

    Enter me plz and thx!

  • Enter me!

  • enter me

  • Mia

    Enter Me (PLLLLLLLEASE) 🙂

  • Cheneri

    Enter Me!! The headband is goreous!!

  • Enter me!! I am excited about this!! 🙂

  • Enter me!!!! Love your blog!!!

  • Deidre @DeeNatural

    Enter Me!!! Please!

  • Patricia

    Enter Me!!!

  • Tasha

    Enter Me!!!! My locs are two months old as of yesterday, I need to start adding to my hair accessories.

  • Scilla

    Enter Me!!!