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Girls Night Out Idea: #RoughNightMovie

Girls Night Out Idea: #RoughNightMovie

I love a good comedy..or even a dramedy. A couple of weeks ago I got to attend a cool pre-screening of Rough Night starring Scarlet Johannson & Zoe Kravitz. I reached out to my line sisters to come along with me for a cocktail reception and to laugh!


I am a huge fan of ScarJo and I am LOVING her newest haircut!

rough night

We got to pick out sashes also for the party and I picked “Dope AF” because it’s sometimes how I describe myself lol (I’m not really Dope AF…but I’ll pretend I am lol)

I was totally surprised by Zoe Kravitz. I didn’t think she would be able to pull off being an older woman (older as in playing MY age lol), but she nailed it!

The entire cast was amazing! Their characters each were so different and I loved that about their crew. They got through things together because they all had different points of views. There was even a hilarious cameo with some pretty funny scenes!

Check out the trailer:

I promise you will laugh out loud at this movie…your mouth will drop…you will feel every emotion. Definitely check this out this weekend! You won’t be disappointed.