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Ghana Part 2: Accra, Jamestown & Murals

Ghana Part 2: Accra, Jamestown & Murals


My last 2 days I was in Accra going solo since my friends trips back to the states were planned earlier. I was slightly nervous about being there by myself but luckily I reached out to my friend Voodart who has a site called Visiter l’ Afrique encouraging travel throughout the African continent. She is very well connected all over Africa and she introduced me via Instagram to AshantiImmigrant who is a dope creative in Accra who is a member of a  hip-hop organization YoyoTinz, works with a cool street art festival called Chale Wote every August, and he does many other cool stuff.

When I got to Accra, I was able to easily connect with him and he introduced me to several of his friends, great food (the best I had the entire time in Ghana) and really cool spots.


At the last minute, I cancelled my AirBNB because it was a little too far out the main area and I wasn’t feeling in an adventurous mood to have to negotiate with taxi drivers who try to upcharge me because I am American lol. At the last minute, I got a great deal on a hotel called  Roots Apartment Hotel. I highly recommend this hotel. The prices were great even for me being solo AND they had complimentary breakfast on a dope rooftop with fresh coconuts, made to order eggs, fruit,  pastries, fresh fruit juices and more. Totally worth the money. The rooms were really cute and the wifi was very steady- actually the best wifi I have had the whole time in Ghana. Here is the view from breakfast:


I enjoyed the fun nightlife of going to Republic which was a bar that carried slightly into the street that was blocked off. The crowd was very cool- people from Accra and several expats. The music was amazing- in addition to Ghanian hip hop I also could hear some of my favorites from Bruno Mars & Jay-Z, a great variety of music. I enjoyed my time there and tried an amazing alcoholic drink with real hibiscus juice. Definitely encourage you to visit there!


My last full day, I got my hair braided earlier in the day and then we went to Jamestown in Accra, one of the oldest sections.

I didn’t take too many pictures IN the markets and of the people that lived and worked there because I always feel some type of way about taking pictures of people in their natural habitat without asking, hence why I didn’t take a TON of pictures on this vacation. Some people really get mad when people take pictures of them. I was more low-key this time and was taking in the moments and putting it into memory. I saw so many awesome things. Toward the end of the day I saw all of the children getting their baths in buckets, walked by a couple of funerals that were very lively, and saw interesting meat in the market 🙂

I did snap a pic of this goat because he was acting just like my dog Bentley lol..being nosey and going through things.




Here is the old Ussher Fort which was built in the 17th century by the Dutch. The other side is the water.DSC06882


The Jamestown Lighthouse is beautiful. I didn’t go inside or to the top, but I hear there are great views.


Jamestown sunset from the beachDSC06960


Being on the beach there, you get to see everyone working so hard. When it’s close to sunset, the tons of fisherman head out to sea. Their boats have flags from the Ghana flag to their favorite football (soccer) teams.


Photo Credit: @AshantiImmigrant
Photo Credit: @AshantiImmigrant

Can’t forget the many soccer games that I saw:


Here is the oldest photo gallery in Accra with cool black & white photography.



In addition to all of the history in Jamestown, there were so many dope murals around that were painted during the Chale Wote festival from superbly talented artists all over the continent of Africa.

DSC06895 DSC06922 DSC06946 DSC06930 DSC06932 DSC06931 DSC06929

These little boys were absolutely adorable and asked me to take a picture of them so I obliged 🙂 How cute are they?!?!DSC06934

Thanks again to Nana Osei for an amazing Accra experience. No tour or tourist guide would’ve given me all the amazing information I learned and the great sights!



I definitely plan on visiting Ghana again and would like to spend more days in Accra and head to other regions that I missed, the North and the East.