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Getting Ready For Vacay! Trinidad & Barbados

Getting Ready For Vacay! Trinidad & Barbados


I am sooo excited that I will be headed to Trinidad this next week for Carnival! I have been to Trinidad before but always wanted to go back and experience Carnival. One of my good friends Saundra goes every year and now I am finally going!!! Myself, Danielle of and Jessica of will be headed down to Trinidad to enjoy the festivities. We are playing in Yuma and will all be in the section Immortal (costume above).

So for Carnival, I am scrambling trying to make sure I have everything! Here is my list of items I purchased in preparation for Carnival:


Bobby Pins and hair bands. I will be rocking extensions to make it easier on my life while there. I’m not sure how much time we will be around for me to play in my hair. Figured it would be easier to rock extensions. Will be installed hair from Echelon. Can’t wait to get it done!


Skincare– Black people can and do get sunburn!! And they also get skin cancer. I purchased several travel sized sunscreens. I will need to keep applying throughout the day. I burn very easily so this is my most important item. Also, we will be in some forrest areas so I definitely need bug spray. I purchased some bug repellent wipes.

Safety pins and sewing kit (OMG , I am supppeerr nervous about my costume fitting. Because they don’t have my bra size, they suggested another size that I wasn’t familiar with but they said it would be better than the largest cup size they had in my band size) I will have a sewing kit ready to go just in case my top doesn’t fit right.

Shoes for the road. I definitely WAS NOT going to wear heels. Boots were my option and now I think I’m going to do sneakers. I am going to take my Old Navy sneakers and spray paint them gold to match my costume.

img-1OH! And I can’t forget Dr. Scholls insoles. We will be on our feet for 8 hours!


I needed swimsuits for sure because we are headed to Barbados after Carnival for wind down time! Christina from will be meeting us down there!

I ended up picking up a couple more swimwear pieces.

ASOS Strappy One Piece found HERE
ASOS  High Waisted Bikini Bottoms can be found HERE
ASOS High Waisted Bikini Bottoms can be found HERE

I am sooo excited! If you live in Trinidad or will be going to Carnival, please let me know! Would love to meet some people while we are down there!