Gelish Nails #2: Bronzed

I absolutely am in love with Gelish! My nails lasted a month! Well….of course my nails grew out BUT the polish remained. Thats the only thing…yeah the color lasts a month, but if your nails grow fast, it can look bad close up. But if you get a light color, you can’t even tell. Here is my 2nd color from Gelish:

This color is called Bronzed! I love it. It is just a gold/bronzey glitter. This was my New Year’s Eve look I was going for. As soon as I got my nails done, I went straight to crack a bunch of crabs– not even one scratch!!! Even though in the above pics my nails have grown a little bit, because I got a lighter color glitter, its not as obvious.

The first color I used was Bella’s Vampire. It lasted me 4 weeks!! And still looked good.

The key thing is to try it out first. Sometimes colors aren’t as they seem. The first time I went, the nail tech tried it on my nail before the base was applied to see if I liked it. The second time I went, the nail tech tried it on his own nail.  I think next I am going to go for Ivory Coast. Try it out at your local nail salon.